We live in one of the most exciting times in the world’s history where you can build a personal brand globally and faster than anyone has even imagined. Most people are underestimating the reach and power of social media that has really only been available to the public for barely 5 years.

The previous generation built their personal brands on television, radio, magazines and newspapers. You now have the opportunity to build a personal brand utilising the power and leverage of social media and blogs that can accelerate the process.

The potential of the web is still evolving and will continue to surprise us as it continues to grow and challenge established thinking and disrupt business models. Employers and clients are now Googling your name to check you out before you even attend the first meeting and if they don’t find your presence online then you may be already behind in the race to secure that job or the new account.10 Ways to Invent Your Blog and Online Digital Social Platform

So how can you be found online and spread brand “You” nationally and globally on the web?

Ways to promote your personal brand on social media:

1.Identify Your Passion.Maybe you already are an expert in your industry and you are passionate about your area of expertise. If you aren’t, you need to identify what you can focus on so you can create and publish content relevant to your industry.
2.Get yourself a domain name in your name.If you can’t obtain it because it is already taken create another name that encapsulates what you are about e.g. Greg Savage fromFirebrand’s Blog “The Savage Truth”.
3.Start a blog using WordPress with your new domain name. Google loves blogs as they deliver new and unique content that keep Google’s search results relevant and recent.
4.Write and publish unique content regularly.Choose your medium such as video, audio, or the written word as some people can write, others are better on video and some can communicate their passion through speech. Video bloggers such as Gary Vaynerchuk transformed their business with a video blog.
5.Create a Twitter account in your name.Twitter is a great marketing tool to communicate to a niche market ever invented. Open a Twitter account and secure your Twitter name today which is consistent with your blog domain name.
6.Engage, communicate, and promote brand “You” on Twitter. Start following people on Twitter in your industry and the Twitter etiquette of following back people who follow you allows you to connect, engage and then influence people in your target market.
7.Create a Facebook “Page” with same name and brand as your blog. Facebook, with 600 million users, provides a rich source of contacts to spread your content and get feedback and allow your message and brand to spread. Start a page today (not a personal profile). More reading:How To Increase Your Facebook Page Fans By 1,000%
8.Create and optimise a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn with nearly 100 million professional members with an average income of $100,000 is a social media channel that will appear high in Google search results whenever anyone Google’s your name. On LinkedIn you can link to feeds from Twitter and your blog into your personal page that provide social proof of your expertise and authority.
9.Publish content to other social media platforms. This includes images on Flickr (a social network photo and image repository), Power point presentations on Slide share and videos on YouTube. These platforms appear high up in any Google search results. More reading: Google Becomes More Social And It’s Hurting Your Business
10.Make it easy for people to share and spread your content.On your blog make sure that you implement two features that allow people to share your content with 2 clicks. Install a Retweet and Facebook button that reduce the friction for anyone to spread your expertise to their Twitter or Facebook network with a couple of clicks of the mouse. More reading: How To Increase Your Blog Traffic By 55% With One Button.