9 Necessary tips for Print Media

Tips help newbie designers to present better print design. Points are in general for any print media, either it is a brochure, poster or an identity.

1. Importance of Bleed
A safe standard for the work is Bleed. It denotes the part on side of the document which enables little space for printer to operate inconsistencies.

1 - Remember to bleed

2. Overprint is helpful
Incase your element limits you to 2 Pantone (PMS) colors,experiment with overprint option to get a mere depth look with a limited color palette.

3. Standards define perfection, but risk leads to comfort
A4 size format seems great, while smaller size formats seems unusual. Go beyond standards for better convinience (eg. A5)

4. Composition attract eyes
People are more familiar to typography. Usage of art & techniques of printing develop optimal readability.

5. Less speaks more
Content description should be with least words but with complete meaning. More words seems tiresome.

6. Grid
Grids help in working for good design. Using its proportional relations, composition guidelines leads to good idea for base of your design.4 - Paper size standards are great

7. Give a contrast look to your content
Normal pattern style impacts less on mind but using contrast pattern style impacts more. Inverse effects more with darker background.3 - Think outside the paper

8. Pictographic overview
Pictures seems more helpful to create better understanding. Usage of pictographs with typographic content leads work to another level.
9. Think beyond the paper
Gaps seems systematic but for a unique look twist the content beyond the edge of paper.
9 - Invert