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Three generic terms that refers to the same and also mean same, show ads but are not equal, because it always depends on the desired effect, then will get the ads.

> What ad styles are there?

In advertising, three main display modes have been established: These are: pure image ads, product ads and coupon ads.

> Image ads

Image ads are for companies who wants to transport their brand and to anchor in the minds of the target group. A most positive image among the target group is left, which is projected at every perception of the brand on the company’s products.

> Coupon ads

Coupon ads are for direct marketing. By the attached coupon, the reader can directly contact with the advertiser. Whenever there is a possibility of direct reaction to the sender due to advertising, it is called direct marketing.

> Product Ads

As the name suggests, the content of these ads focus on individual products or product groups of a provider.

Even product ads can be counted for direct marketing. Namely, whenever they are provided with a response element.

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