7 Business Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design – When a website’s design will seamlessly adjust to fit the user’s device, giving them the highest quality experience of your design and content

1 Higher Rank in Google (SEO)

Let me say that again, responsive web design means higher rankings in Google search. Let’s countenance it, you construct a website to be found and receive traffic and leads – am I correct? Of course. This priority is a MUST for any business owner both small and big businesses can advantage from more website traffic and leads. Now let me give details the supernatural and how it happens. When your site has one responsive design that scales to fit any device, you don’t require another version of your website that’s built just for mobile devices. With only one strategic URL, you strengthen your Search Engine Optimization. Forget about building separate website designs for tablets, iPhones, desktops, and laptops – that’s now a thing of the past.  Don’t forget to read this Google article. -Google claims they will rank these responsive web sites higher.


Just like I mentioned in #1, the objective is getting more traffic and leads which flows into increased sales and income. Now that we have only one version of the website – that’s responsive, we have effectively eliminated the require to design multiple version of the website. This gives us one single style sheet (CSS) for a reliable feel for the user experience. This means that anybody can happily view your website and stay longer, reading happily, from any device! The more consistent the user experience – the more sales you make!

 3 Great User Experience

If your website previously receives a superior amount of traffic and revenue – think about the increase in revenue and traffic you’ll gain once you opt for a responsive design. Happy customers using your website lead to more sales and revenue once again!

 4 Save time using analytics

If you have multiple versions of your website that you’re tracking in Google analytics think of all the time and money you can save by condensing it all into one report. That’s right! One responsive website design will cut down on tracking your visitors. More rapidly monitoring is enhanced than what you’re doing right now. What will you do with all the time you’re going to save?

 5 Save money on mobile development

Imagine maintaining one website and not multiple. Yes, with one responsive design it can be that much easier and of course faster making changes and building new pages. Companies could save a significant amount of time and money once again on a responsive web site design. It in actuality is that crucial saving time on design – think of all the time you could put into building campaigns and creating new content for your blog etc. It just amazes me how commanding a single responsive theme is for business.

6 No more duplicate content penalties

You know the one you designed for a tablet and the other Smartphone design? Yes, possibly you didn’t be acquainted with that Google in reality penalizes you for having copy content. The same articles are duplicated again and again on your website. These penalties make you look spammy to Google and hurt you rankings. The worst thing copy content can do is de-index your site. Responsive web development comes to your save and eliminates the require for copy content and banishes it from your website. Google bots come back to inspect your website and you’re back in the safe zone.

7  Enhanced offline browsing experience

Most smart phones and tablets are HTML5 enabled, meaning they have offline browsing capabilities. With that, users can read email newsletters in HTML5. Just right when the user does not have an internet connection.

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