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 The Importance of Web Design

Often the term web design is used as a synonym for the creation of a website. For small websites, this may be true. However, if extensive web projects created, the web design is often only a fraction of total website development. A particularly great importance is the search engine optimization (SEO) to. Only those who will be found in Google & Co. will attract new customers through its website.

Similarly, the restriction of web design on the pure graphic design is not correct, because web design additionally includes the structure and user navigation of a website.

The graphic design, the building (structure) and the user guidance (navigation) should a website of a web designer to use and accessible to be designed.

Other aspects of web design are the markup, web typography and the display on the screen. All other programming that are responsible for the functioning of processes on a web page are programmed from a so-called web developers.


With the rapid development of the Internet and many newly developed complex Web technologies Websites can be developed only through the support of various specialists today.

So in addition to the web designers, web developers (programmers) are also SEO marketing – and online marketing experts and graphic designers team to an internet agency.

According to customer requirements and industry objectives and associated functions and scope of a website are very different.

Here are some we have developed reference projects in the field of web design / internet with further information.

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Especially for young and small firms is a separate website indispensable, because only those who show up on the Internet, can also be found there!

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