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WordPress as a control panel for institutional sites

When choosing a control panel or CMS (Content Management System) for our projects, we have several options on the market: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress , among the best known and recommended. But … what is a CMS? A CMS is a program already developed, which is used by the manager of the site in question, to update your content, quickly, easily and effectively. Some are paid and free, such as those we have named the top. In addition, those CMS are developed by various partners around the world, making software, more and more robust, safer, and more powerful.

Now with a slightly clearer idea of what is a control panel or CMS, we can discuss their advantages, which are, in our opinion, very many.

Free – Being a free platform, most people can use to access and provide new functionality. And the customer gets a cheaper and high quality product.

Free – What is free software, among several things means that a community of dedicated and skilled people in the field can provide constant improvements and upgrades, the end customer needs?

Plugins – have the ability to enlarge their power, adding plugins, they exist for nearly any type of special function is needed.

Easy to use – The most important, perhaps, is that the end customer, the user, in charge of content updates, you can use it smoothly and intuitively. WordPress meets this fundamental requirement.

Customizable – The web site using WordPress as CMS will be able to have the design you want, the color, the shape, the header, content, as needed. WordPress does not condition at all the development of your website.

Friendly to search engines – One of the first objectives when creating a website is that we are in the popular search engines, we’re talking more precisely Google. Knows WordPress, and its users, so there are extensions that enhance the natural SEO of a website very easily.

Multilingual – This CMS has the ability to be in several languages. Very useful when your customers are from abroad.

Multiuser – several people can collaborate you decide, simultaneously and from different parts of the world with your Web site, ideal for increasing the flow of content and quality of the same, while the restrains work.

Independence of the study or developer – Having very many people who understand and know both WordPress , and Drupal, or Joomla, you can change your developer or study at any time, independent of any particular person who knows how a special code. And that, over time, it saves us a headache.

Now you can see that the benefits are many and quality, WordPress gives us very many options to manage our sites, whether institutional, and blogs, and indeed for a mix of the two, for that matter we will choose to control of this site.

Migrate your existing website, or create one from scratch using this CMS is very easy, simply request our WordPress service, please contact us to find out prices and delivery times.

You, What CMS do you use? Do you consider WordPress as one of the best options?

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