A corporate website is the image of the company to the world through internet.

A corporate website serves two functions:

Presentation of the entity. Many people come to know us through our website, and will be the way to present what we do and what we are. We will use all the power offered by this media item and we will offer through images, texts, videos … the information we want from us.

Interaction with users. The website will also allow us to interact with our regular users in multiple ways. We can offer regular and updated information of our company, what we do and offer, we may be allowed to receive their opinions and ideas, users and we share our information with other users …

In short, corporate web allows us to show what we are and what we do, attract users to the website or our products, and interact with them and loyalty.

How has being a corporate website?

The corporate website is to translate what we are and what we offer.

To do first is to have a modern and professional design that generates our visitors trust in us. It must also contain carefully selected information of our organization to invite them to continue getting to know. And finally it has to offer users several ways to contact us.

I.e. normally find on our corporate website:

  • Overview of the entity (which are)
  • Update your job or activity (what we do)
  • Different forms of contact
  • Where we are and where we can find
  • User interactive spaces
  • Spaces user loyalty

How is the content management of our corporate website?

If we manage dynamic Web, providing updated information to users and have real interaction with them information, you must have a content manager with which you can insert or modify data and content instantly.

Therefore Abhishek Enterprise offers own content manager that manages all activity of the page and keep full control by the user at any time without relying on third parties for the update.

One of the great advantages of web-content management system that allows the publication is distributed by people in different locations. From any place that has Internet access can modify the content of the page. We also have to note that has a high flexibility in managing users as it allows everyone to have access only to the parties that the general administrator wants. To that end users are assigned different permissions.

What type of entity is advisable corporate website?

We advise that an entity has a corporate web whenever you have an activity that is interesting to be known. Here we include from a small business to a large company or local authority. Examples of entities for which we have done this type of website would be:

  • Companies, from small business to SMEs and Large Enterprises.
  • Third Sector Organizations, NGOs, associations.
  • Institutions such as municipalities, associations …
  • Reference Web projects.

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