Logo, Isotype, imagotype, Isologo…

In most websites we frequent live a wide range of terms with very different meanings, as discussed below, to designate the identity of a company. It is important that, although we use the word logo as slang, really know what you are referring.

 Logo : is the term most often used by websites, companies, customers, etc. Generally, all of them, it is considered logo to all shapes and words that make up what really called Mark . Logo is a very common word and also the worst used. Then When are we really in front of a logo ? Logos are those brands which consist exclusively of text. The best example would be CocaCola, has no anagrams, shapes, symbols or other elements added simply is a text that can present or not certain design on their shapes, color gradients or other finishes, ie, a logo need not necessarily be designed to a flat color.

Isotype : refers to the icon, symbol or anagram. We find an Isotype when the symbol designed reflects or brings to mind the name of the brand, ie, the expression itself. Very clear examples of Antibodies are the symbol of Nike or McDonalds

imagotype : the set of logo and isotype. An imagotype reflect a text and a distinct symbol, if necessary, can be effective even separately. A clear example is Carrefour.

Isologo : as in the previous section, we find a group of logo and isotype. The difference is that in this case both are fused and cannot work separately. If you are isolated, they lose their meaning and significance. A clear example is Burger King. Burger King Words are within the hamburger representing anagram. Could not communicate this brand otherwise.

Corporate images: by this we mean perception (feelings and values) that the consumer is faced with our brand. A clear example is the Mercedes brand, what comes to mind when you see your imago type? Quality, reliability, simplicity, elegance, status, power, experience … The corporate image, therefore formed or constructed as the years pass and we forged a reputation.

Corporate Identity: meets all the visual elements of the organization or company; stationery, vehicles, signage, merchandising, etc.

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