The another edition of the Digital India Content Marketing Success, held at office on 27th Feb 2016 received a great response with about 25 participants including entrepreneurs, professionals, Digital Marketers and Social Media marketing  Influences taking active part in the discussion. The topic of discussion was achieving Content Marketing Success in 2016 and beyond.

As a recap for those who attended the session and for the benefit of those who didn’t, here’s a summary of the key takeaways from the session:

Why Content Marketing is essential:

Content marketing is a key part of any marketing strategy and is known to produce business results, as shown by the survey below:


Hubspot Survey


Also, as compared to paid media, it has a more sustained long-term impact:

Earned Media

Also, with most users being bombarded with ads from a large number of brands and with the use of ad blocking growing at a rapid pace, inbound marketing through valuable content works better and helps reach out to an audience that paid ads would never reach.

“10x Content” is required to make your content stand out:

With over 27 million pieces of content being manufactured every day, creating content that is good and unique alone doesn’t work. You need to create content which as defined by Rand Fishkin is “Content that is 10 times better than the best result that can currently be found in the search results for a given keyword phrase or topic.”

Creating 10X Content:

Read your audience’s minds:

  • The key is to search questions that your target audience is looking for answers to and problems they are looking to solve. Tools and platforms that could help you with this research are:

Combine User-focused content with search engine focused content:

Once you find topics that you could create 10x content on you would also have to check if there is a large enough number of users who are searching for content around those topics. This is where Google Keyword Planner comes into play and helps you figure out which topics you should create content on to get large volumes of organic traffic.

Find the most successful content 
around the topic:

Once you decide on a topic to create content on, you have to research the topic, do a competitive analysis and find the most successful content around it. This can be done by searching for different keyword variations on Google Search to identify top ranked content or by using a tool like Buzz sumo to find the most shared content on the topic

Make your Content Better than any other Top Content Out There:

  • Ensure your content
  • Is longer, detailed, more thorough
  • Is more up-to-date
  • Contains better visuals – infographics, images, slideshares, videos
  • Has an enhanced User Experience
  • For more detailed steps on creating 10x content check out our blog on 10 ways to create 10x content.
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  • Credit Card

Content Amplification is Key:

  • Simply ideating, creating and publishing content doesn’t work anymore and content distribution requires as much, if not more, effort as content creation.
  • Some avenues for content amplification that you could use would be:
  • Promote on Social Networks
  • Use LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads & Promoted Tweets.
  • Notify your email list
  • Respond to questions on Quora, Reddit, comment on blogs, take part in industry forums.
  • Leverage the reach of influencers
  • Get featured in industry roundups.