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Exhibition Stall and Booth Design Company India

Abhishek.info is India’s leading exhibition design company. We offer end-to-end solutions, and strive to create new benchmarks in terms of quality associated with our work. We are committed in setting up new standards and create a special niche for our clients through our work. We easily qualify for being a company that offers fast and reliable execution of exhibition related projects, and total satisfaction as far as end results of the exhibitions is concerned. There are several reasons why we excel in exhibition management related activities:

We at Abhishek Enterprise expert in creating an impression with style and concepts. Keeping in mind the most significant parameters involved in Exhibition stall designing makes us a pioneer in this industry. Competition comes and goes. But we are always there to stay ….to generate a wave of impressions with the most stylish and elite stalls in the history of exhibitions.

We give the highest level of personalized customer service. Our technical team undergoes continuous technical training to make sure that your decisions best suit your requirements. You can depend on us to help you before, during and after every project or product purchase. We are a one stop destination for services like Exhibition Stall Designing, Fabrication, Installation, In shop Branding, Signage, Posters and more.

The exhibition industry wants fine concentration to detail to produce eye catching display appears to advertise companies and their products. At top Exhibition design services in India we use the newest Perspex colors and finishes to convert designers’ sketches and concepts into show winning stands. We have created many large exhibition stands and worked with very limited due dates.

Total solutions

With us leading your project, you don’t have to consult or seek the services of other vendors and exhibition designer entities. We provide each and every type of service related to exhibition hosting, designing, and managing. You save time and efforts, and your entire project becomes hassle free.


We provide personalized solutions which are tailor made to suit the exhibition related requirements, location, time frames, budget constraints, and an special client requirements. Our creative team is highly reputed for its innovative and creativity based thinking – we create new ideas and concepts in terms of exhibition designs, which work wonders for our clients in attracting people. Our exhibition stand always stands out in a crowd.


Needless to say, we always remain focused with our work and clients. We take up quality work and work hard to achieve the desired results for our clients. We concentrate solely upon designing and creating high quality exhibition stands, exhibition stalls, and even related events. It is a difficult task demanding utmost creativity, dedication, and concentration. We give 100% to each of our clients and each of our projects which we undertake.


It is one of the main reasons why our clients keep on coming back to us whenever they have a new exhibition to plan. You can depend upon Abhishek.info for the company’s consistent reliability and delivering the best turnaround times.

Our track record

For over a decade we have catered to several types of projects, for small companies to big corporate, we have a plethora of clients and projects under our banner. Our track record says it all – creativity, innovations, reliability, dependability, time bound, and affordable.

If redefine the concept of exhibitions. Whether it’s trade fairs, expos, or trade shows, we are organized to more than meet the client’s requirements and expectations. We can showcase as well as demonstrate our latest techniques and services associated with exhibiting products and services, and examine the recent market trends to offer that something “extra” which can provide an upper edge to our clients through our special work.

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