Online Stores and e-commerce

Abhishek Enterprises is an offshore web development outsourcing company in India providing information technology services to the customers worldwide. Abhishek Enterprise is a conglomerate and an exact combination of experienced people from various cadres who have an attitude to give their best and take up Herculean challenges when it comes to customer satisfaction and offshore services. We believe and practice in delivering timely, cost effective solutions with impeccable quality and consistency.

Put your business online with thousandth the cost of any business; our online stores will give you a quick and effective solution to get your online store , selling, collecting, issue orders, make the most popular products, customer loyalty by sending the latest news, offers, invoices, purchase and your mail much more. It is so easy and you will not waste time or money.

Our e-commerce system Abhishek Enterprise, will allow with minimal effort to have a complete online store. A simple system to maintain and easy to administer. Among its features are a complete web management system, statistics, payment modules POS delivery, SSL support, search engine, tax control, Multilanguage, …  We shape and create the most advanced management to create your e-commerce, in a cost effective and efficient manner. You only need to enter the items categorized into families, subfamilies, etc. with their prices and discounts, payment systems and delivery and we will do all that as easy and automatic as possible.

Forward offers to customers through the mail, wear track your purchases and offer the best product and potentially be more appropriate to ensure their next purchase, take your history of operations and expect that information for upcoming deals, Feudalize their clientele and put it on easy and affordable. Perform campaigns under all that information and make your business profitable as ever.

Web Development Services

Features of our e-commerce platform

Public page to display and showcase their products and content

Full product catalog with System Integrated Cart

POS payment system integrated with different means payment (credit card, bank transfer, PayPal …)

Admin users for a full track orders from buyers

Intranet Management to manage content, product catalog, offers, news…

Complete management and monitoring of users and requests from the intranet management

Promotional tools, CRM, newsletter, SMS…

Integration with bank payment gateways

Additional tools: Blog, chat support, FAQs…