Humans are able to distinguish up to 10 million. Color shades. Determining a color of an object’s ability to absorb or reflect light. The perception of colors varies from individual to individual, as many aspects come into play on a person’s perception of a color.


On the screen we use RGB colors. Using three light sources, red, green and blue formed the amount of other colors. As the color in the RGB comes from emitted light, they tend to be stronger, the more sources added. The result is based on the sum, and it is said that the effect is additive. This kind of color is called additive color mixing.

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For press and print use is often CMYK model; Cyan (turquoise), magenta (pink), Yellow (yellow) and K (black). Using these four colors may mix and the amount of other colors. Each color absorbs some of the light that strikes it, so the more colors, each absorb its share of the spectrum, the darker the reflected light. The result is based on the differential and they say the effect is subtractive. Such colors are called subtractive color mixing.

RGB color system has a bigger color space than CMYK color system. Which is to say that for multiple colors in the RGB color system? This will often be seen when comparing an image on the screen and a printed image. There are also other things that come into play on color reproduction of a printed image, including the paper surface and color of the paper. Eg. Can be reproduced many more colors on a piece of white glossy paper compared to the gray newsprint.


Panton colors chosen from numbered color charts. A spot color is often used if you want a color that cannot be formed with CMYK system. Eg. a color with glitter, or if you have to have offset-printed stationery with only two color a logo color + black (eg. burgundy and black), this will often be a cheaper option to choose pantone + black rather than CMYK. (Two plates instead of four).

Since the Pantone color system has a bigger color space than CMYK system, be aware that you cannot recreate all Pantone colors with CMYK system.

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Talking colors to websites you often use the six-digit hexadecimal code. Previously you had to stay within the 216 web-safe colors that are sure to be viewable in all browsers, but it is not as relevant anymore.


It is important that the color choice on the company’s profile and website fits in with its target audience and values. Colors can be divided into cold, warm and neutral colors.

·         Warm colors: a color heat is determined by the amount of red and yellow (including red, yellow and orange).

·         Cold colors: a color thermal determined by the contents blue and green (including blue, green, turquoise).

·         Neutral colors: Color neutrality is an indication that it is suitable as the base color. It is often muted shades of brown, gray and golden.

Do you have to make a harmonious and stylish website; it is good to choose some related colors, ie colors that are close to each other in the color circle.

If on the other hands do a fresh website, such as. Appeal to young people, it will be better to choose some complementary or contrasting colors, colors that are opposite to each other in the color circle.

In addition, there are also some associations to connect with different colors, including:

Red: Exude energy, strength, excitement, passion, love, danger, warmth, passion

Green: Exude nature, environment, health, spring, ecology, hope, grass, quiet, idyllic

Brown: nature, autumn, earth, stability

Blue: Stability, clean, cool, stability, peace, harmony, conservatism, cleanliness, sky, water, cold, trustworthiness, loyalty, peace, quality, stability, calm, serious, soothing

Yellow: Offers, heat, energy, joy, color, summer, danger

Orange: Sols kind, joy, creativity, success, appeal to young people, energy, heat, fall, fire, warmth, happiness, sun, life force

Black: Exclusive, sad, style, anonymity, strength, elegance, prestige

Purple: Royalties, solemn

Gray: Safety, reliability, elegance, neutral

White: cleanliness, tranquility, winter, snow, cold, clinical, peace

Pink: passionate, romantic

Attention! Black text on white background is the most user-friendly on the web.


1 All shadows must contain blue

2 You do not make a color for the shadow using only come in black

3 must be in a complementary color shade


·         All lights should contain yellow

·         One should not lighten the color by only come in yellow