The most of Tested and Effective Hotel & Restaurant Branding Strategies could be easily applied in many restaurants, while others require more effort, time and money.

Your restaurant is offering great food and perfect customer service but there is still lot of empty tables during dinner time ? If you are looking for new methods to attract customers you are at the right place.
Planning of Restaurant marketing is very important and it is the key for booming business. Successful owners and restaurant managers create a marketing plan in advance for the whole year and in line with it forming its annual budget.

If you did not foresee funds for the promotion and marketing you can still do a lot of things to make attention to your restaurant and improve your profit.Today Hotel & Restaurant Brandin Strategies can be grouped in Online and Offline Marketing.

Online Restaurant Marketing Strategies

It’s time to take advantage of new opportunities to promote your restaurant offers. We are witnessing the rapid development of technology and the increasingly frequent use of the Internet as a primary source of information.
These changes in the habits of your current and potential customers directly result with the need for significant changes in the development of marketing plan. Online marketing strategy opens the door to virtual ways of promotion.

What you need to do for a successful online restaurant marketing?

Your website is the identity card of your restaurant and also marketing tool for establishing communication with guests, promoting the restaurant, giving information about daily deals, prices, menu changes and announcements about events in your restaurant.

How make your restaurant’s web site functional and interesting to your potential guests? It must be regularly supplemented with new content and optimized for Internet browsers. Only web site like this will be displayed at search results.High quality POS software offers the ability to update menus, offers and changes in the prices on your website directly relaying information from your restaurant program . In this way you do not have to spend time entering data, and information on your website is always fresh and updated.

Good web page design provides to visitors easy navigation in the web site content, beautiful and unique look. Good design is conditioned by knowledge of the basic directions for functional websites creation. Keep this in mind when giving money to professional web designer.

Start Taking Online Orders Today

If you have a food delivery service online ordering will definitely increase traffic. Some people like me, prefer to see and choose the dish from your online menu and order it directly from the web site.Quality POS cash registers offer the ability to transfer online orders and online reservations directly into your Restaurant program. It allows you to accept ordered food easily, and provide fast delivery.
Do not forget that the web form for online ordering includes space for writing e-mail and phone contact. If you do not deliver the food to enhance the database of guests provide online booking in your restaurant.This work is hard but for result you would have better positioning on search engines, and consequently higher website traffic and finalymore potential guests. That is one of the reason why you read this article.If you don’t have knowledge to do this, pay that someone do it for you, because this is very important part of internet marketing Hotel & Restaurant Branding.

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter , Google,Pinterest or Instagram is a very important. Use these channels to inform your regular and future clients about everything what happening in your restaurant. If you have succeed to make interaction with fans you will definitely improve business and increase profits. How to do this?
To achieve this it is necessary to create a profile on the social networks: Facebook , G+, Twitter, Instagram , Pinterest and at least once a week to post interesting content or images on your profile page. It may be news like new dishes supported by beautiful and attractive photos, event announcements , photos or music that will evoke the atmosphere in your restaurant , various video clips and other interesting content.

Communication with the fans you can easily accomplish by setting different surveys or incomplete statements or questions about actual topic. You can announce a competition for the best photo shot in your restaurants and for award give to winners free dinner for two , or three. Four would be too much ?

Your special offers and daily menus should be an indispensable content on your profile. Do not forget that everyone loves to get something for free and use that fact for promotion. Share your web site links with interesting content and increase its attendance rate. Openly ask your fans to share your contents.Even if you fail to get new guests through social networks, it will allow that your regular customers feel that you care about them.

Restaurant Email Marketing

E -mail is still one of the most reliable methods to build customer loyalty. Small businesses spend 15% of their marketing budget on email . It’s still more than what is spent on marketing through social media , and even face-to -face contact as a marketing method.The secret to effective email marketing is to have a clear strategic message. This may seem obvious, but many caterers have an informal and non- strategic approach. How to create email campaign ?
First, select the program that you will use . For starters , you can use a well-tested system likeMailChimp . It is very easy to handle and can be freely used for lists up to 2000 email addresses.Familiarize yourself with the program, write a strategic e- mail and get started. Pre- write mail in which you will thank your client for responsiveness. check your emails regularly and make sure that you answer to all within one or two days.

Build Restaurant Customer Database

Take every opportunity to gather information about your guests. Any information will be helpful. Names, Cell phone numbers and emails of your guests are your tools for direct marketing.Encourage your staff to collect emails. The easiest way to gain confidence is through the strengthening loyalty program. Your waiters promote a special offer for your website subscribers. Also ensure that the flyers with promotional content are easily available in your restaurant.

This way you challenge your guests to sign up with their email at your restaurant website to be able to use special benefits. Customers feel privileged and your business and guest’s database is exponentially growing!

Offline marketing strategies

Offline marketing, as opposed to online marketing, is used in all marketing activities without the use of Internet. Beside traditional forms of advertising, such as ads in culinary magazines, radio ads, TV commercials, etc. I would write about methods which provide successful promotion of your restaurant. I’ve selected a few simple marketing methods and tricks which can be easily applicable to your business and will help to attract new guests.
Printed Promotional Materials.

Effective printed promotional materials, business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. need to attract the attention of your potential customer with its interesting design. Carefully choose the content and offerings that you will put on it and do not overdo with information. Stimulative offer must be professionally done and do not forget that it need to be such size that the guest can easily put it in his wallet, and interesting enough to remember that it is right there when he need it.

Business cards

As a owner or restaurant manager it is important to have business cards. Business cards are used for information about you and your restaurant. Typically they are standard format and include card holder name, contact information such as address, phone, fax, email address and logo, which must be recognizable and striking.
It has to be designed to stand out from the rest to attract attention.

If your business cards looks standard it would not be interesting to anyone, and it would quickly forgotten. Bold letters, strong colors and unusual design will make sure that your business cards fulfill its potential as a marketing tool.Leaflet is defined as a paper sheet that transmit a particular message. Leaflet are printed advertisement that emphasized certain benefits of your restaurant offer, and are related to your restaurant menu offer and customers services.

Basically it announce some event or special offers and advertisers can distribute these leaflets for free on the street, put it under a car wiper blades or simply leave it on good visible place so people can take it. The best way to is to give it to your guest personally.Leaflet design is also essential and should highlight the benefits of your product or service over the competition such as: cost, size, speed of delivery and quality.

Restaurant Menu Design

Your new menu design can bring you new guests or make that your new guest to become regular. This can increase traffic by 20% if it your menu is created professionally. The menu is the central ( and unfortunately often neglected ) part of restaurant marketing. Successful restaurateurs don’t use the menu that just ” look nice ” and not sell. .
Menus should be successful tool and serve as the good advertising. This will happened only if they have meet the essential requirements. This means that they are seasonal, visually pleasant, sophisticated, clear, various, targeted to a specific group of guests, and definitely must to be credible.This “silent salesperson” does not occur by accident – it needs to be strategically planned.

Restaurant menu need to provide to guests free information about your restaurant offers and upcoming events. Give them information what they can taste just today . Get used them on daily changes in your offer and you will get regular guests.Take advantage of using your restaurant menu as free advertisement for the services that you provide. Do not get into a situation that menu, which your waiter gives to customer is dirty, illegible or confusing , because in this way your guests will easily lose their appetite, and you will lose your guest.

Daily Newspapers, Magazines, TV Commercials,When you have a new product, promotion or some interesting event at the restaurant, create a press release and send it to all the local newspapers, magazines and broadcasters. Make sure that it provides practical benefits and make contribution for spreading your ideas. When you do such a advertising show to your potential guests the way you follow trends and how you are applying them in your restaurant business.You can organize various events such as a Happy Child Wednesday-Free Pancakes Day in your restaurant, socializing with kids and parents. This way the media will pay attention on your restaurant and you will gain the trust and sympathy of the citizens.

New Restaurant Offer and Promotion

When introducing new foods or drinks in your menu, it is useful – if not necessary, to conduct-restaurant promotion activities such as wine tastings, promotions or other forms to motivate your guests to try and then order a new dish or drink. Promotion takes bond function between the initiatives of your restaurant and sales.
The main objectives of promotion are the influencing, informing and creating an atmosphere for your guests to come back to your restaurant. Also, the goals are to increase sales, create awareness about the new offer and memorable experience for your guests.

When doing promotion make sure that it is sufficiently subtle and your guest is not aware of it.
Suggestive selling is good unobtrusive method for promotion of new offers and is based on “adding” the already announced. For example, the proposal to your guest to try specific wine with delicious fish which he has already ordered is a good way to promote the new wines on the wine card. Learn more.

Food Delivery Packaging Design

Take advantage of the food delivery packaging design and magnify your profits. Modern and qualitative packaging are an important sales tool in addition to the products that you sell. High-quality, original and innovative packaging highlights the quality of business and will take you above the crowd of similar boxes for food delivery.

Exclusive Events In Your Restaurant

Once a month you could close your restaurant and organize an event for the first 40 people who retweet something about your restaurant on Twitter. The event can be use to promote new food or drink that you want to sell. People love the feeling when they are invited to go to exclusive events.

Here are some ideas that can help you to offer something new in your restaurant:

Once a month bring in some new culinary specialty, which normally you do not serve in your restaurant . Get an appropriately decorations and music for these evenings so you would get complete atmosphere for your guests.
You can also invite a famous chef or a cocktail master, which will prepare delicious meals and drinks for your guests. Make that night more funny and provide the opportunity that your guest can watch how they made food and drink preparation.If you decide to make any kind of event in your restaurant , do not forget to make a good promotion for the same.

Tracking Restaurant Trends

Restaurant trends are very important for the restaurant marketing. For example restaurants that prepare meals with organically grown ingredients are very popular across the globe . It is usually the result of cooperation with eco stores and producers of organic food. Fresh ingredients from organic farms have been translated into a delicate dishes. Don’t stop with that, include in offer organic drinks that are very interesting to guests too.