Must think before Hire any Digital Marketing Agency.Marketing is the most important aspect of building a successful brand. With demand in digital marketing taking an upward tick, brands are increasingly seeking the services of digital marketers.However,brands are usually left short-changed as there are no official rules or systems in place to distinguish thorough-bred digital marketers from in experienced ones.

Do you really need digital marketing?

Before even moving on to any requirements or agency search, you need to answer this question very specifically to yourself. Be honest! Do you want to move towards digital marketing because the whole world is talking about and it is the current big thing?? Or you really know why you want to be there. There are several businesses which still don’t have to go towards digital marketing. Be very clear in your mind-set.

2.Firstly, Understand your requirement

If the first question is done then its time you get this thought right. Before even searching for any digital marketing agency you need to understand what exactly do you need from the digital world? Be very specific about your requirements and goals that you look to achieve from online marketing. This will not only help you select right agency but also help you to analyse your ROI.

3.At least know the basics

Don’t be an alien to whatever various agencies tell you. Having at least the base knowledge of online marketing will help you in understanding what things people are offering to your business and how much it will be useful to your business. Most importantly you will be able to fix the right price for particular work agencies offer.

4.Know the platforms where you will like to invest

Before you start your search for marketing agencies try and figure out your audience and where will they mostly be found. This will help you in contributing to the discussion which you have with any agency. Once you know your audience, once you know your space of advertising, you can easily search for an agency who are specifically good in those areas.

5.Search with some logic on Google

As you all know Google baba is our best friend. Search on Google and research with some logic. The company which comes on the top of your organic search doesn’t mean will be best for your requirement. But yes, if you are talking about SEO then definitely they must have done a good job to pop on the top of the list. So if you are looking for SEO they might be one of good contenders for your requirement.

6.Take suggestions in various groups

They are various groups on social media which help you in resolving your queries regarding any business issues. For example – In Bangalore we have groups like – Put me in touch, Bangalore start up community etc. Similarly for various other cities you must be having various groups. Drop your email id there with your complete requirement and your inbox will be full of introduction of various marketing agencies within an hour.

7.Don’t be happy if you find one. Check and analyse their work

The most important thing starts now. It’s the time of scrutiny of the options that you have get. Do not stress much on their customer base. More importantly stress on the type of work they have done till now and whether it matches to your requirement or does that work show their capability to take care of your branding. Check their work thoroughly. For example– if they are specialized in social media marketing, check their social media presence and the kind of content and engagement they have with customer.

8.Give them a small task (v small) and pay for that (if required)

If you are confused in taking the final decision then give a very small task to the agency to work out a marketing plan on that and also show what they can do with it.This will not only give you clarity regarding their work but it will also test your way of judgment of marketing campaigns. If required pay a small amount for that work.

9.Don’t be cruel on the agency

This is one of the most important point which people fail to understand. As a company you need to understand that your relationship with the agency is as important as the relation with your wife/husband. If it’s not good then it will surely not lead to good results. We have seen in many cases where companies have had long term relations with agencies and even the agencies go beyond their limit for their brand building. Give them some space and provide a comfort zone to work.

But don’t forget to keep a watch on their work.

10.Sometimes you just got to believe them. Have faith!

It’s all about what we call as ‘Bharosa’. Being a person from marketing industry I can say that it’s sometimes impossible to make you understand why the particular campaign will work. There comes your role whether you trust your agencies gut feeling or you being a newcomer to the industry put your brains to it.

You have selected them as partners so just have faith in what they are doing. Judge them on the basis of numbers not on their experience.

11.Don’t look for virality. Push for good content

Understand that you do not make content thinking to make it viral. You just write content thinking what your readers like to here and also what you feel is good for the brand. If the quality is good then it automatically explodes the internet. But, you cannot make any content thinking that it should be viral on Facebook the next day.

12.Analytics is most important – Check ROI

This is where people fail. You do everything from first to last and still you fail. The only reason is you are unable to identify the right numbers which provide you correct information. For example being happy by looking at the number of likes on your Facebook page doesn’t make sense instead checking the engagement people are having with your posts is important.

Go back to point number 2 again. Remember what you wanted to do with  digital marketing. Does the backend data support your marketing success? If yes then it’s perfect otherwise sit with the agency and show them the data and ask what can be the next plan to correct it.