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Online Branding: How to improve the brand image on the Internet

Some people think that the development of branding is a marketing activity very expensive which can only be paid for by multinational with budgets of millions of dollars, while others consider the brand as a complex that only trained strategy are able to use efficiently.

These statements are not false, but are only a small part of a bigger picture. There is at least one aspect of the brand that is so simple that even a child could do it as easy as a breeze and with little or virtually no cost.

We are talking about online branding

First we need to know what is branding, the concept presented by Wikipedia is:

“… Branding  is an  anglicized  used in  marketing  that refers to the process of making and building a  brand  (in English,  brand equity ) through the strategic management of the total pool of assets directly or indirectly linked to the name and / or  symbol  ( logo ) that identify the brand influence the  value  of the brand for both the customer and the company that owns the brand … “

Companies of all sizes (small, medium, large) are joining the web experience, not only to build their own websites, but also to expand its digital presence in the various online channels, social media (Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.) and assets of the company blogs. It is at this early stage is more important than ever to establish a successful online strategy brand image. Here we share some tips on how:

Understand that the mark is

The brand is much more than a name and a logo. It is a philosophy, a particular way of doing things that starts with the simple act of presenting yourself or your business, but ends with an increase in the perception of valuation; which ultimately leads to an increase in profits.

With a brand strategy, companies can increase the perceived value of any type of product or service, creating an image that extends beyond the material value.

In other words, one could say that branding helps convince those who interact with a brand to believe that the value of their products and services are actually higher than its actual value. For example: An Aston Martin has a much higher perceived value than a Volkswagen, but both have the same function, to take you from point A to point B.

The difference between the actual and perceived value is the result of the brand.

Lots of expensive and complex to achieve such results ways, such as associating your brand with James Bond will probably be one of the ways listed above, but even the most outrageous tactics brand is based on a single concept: consistency.

Consistency is the essence of branding

If you think the branding is a complex concept you understand and agree that in some cases it really is, you will find that understanding the idea of consistency is a challenge you much easier. In essence, it is the repetition of a message, again and again, in a consistent way to establish an idea in the minds of potential customers.

The reason that people associate Aston Martin and James Bond, and therefore the luxury that surrounds the character, not because the car was once inserted as merchandising in one of several films starring the famous British secret agent , but because it has been intentionally and consistently associated with the character in all his films.

Branding in the digital world

Internet has opened a channel for small businesses can create value for your brand to a level of investment that was previously out of reach. Even freelancers are able to promote themselves on almost equal terms with any multinational.

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These are things that companies and individuals should consider establishing a consistent brand image across the web, and create that good first impression as desired.

Profile consistent (or consistent user name)

When a company joins a website social networking is creating a point of interaction with a potential customer, and the most immediate element in this interaction point is the user name.

Choosing the correct user name is the first step on the scene in the network. The best option is to use the same name as the URL of your web site, now using the same username and again, through different media, it is a big part of creating brand consistency through Internet.

The great advantage of this is that every time someone interacts with your brand through these pages, you will create a sense of continuity, and that in turn will increase the value in that specific username compared with others.

Another tip, still on the subject of social networking accounts, whenever possible, to interconnect these pages by adding a link from one to another. The more points of interaction offer your potential customers, the more they will find it, which consequently adds to the perceived value.

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Visual consistency

The visual aspect of the brand is not only about the logo of the company, although this element is undoubtedly the centerpiece. In order to achieve the minimum level of visual consistency, all you have to do is apply the same logo in all areas. Wherever your brand establishes a point of interaction with their customers, be sure to use the same version of your logo at all times. One thing to keep in mind here, “the same” means the same exact logo, up to the pixel level.

But as we said before, the logo is not the only element of visual communication. In fact, thanks to the popularity of social networks, the design of alternative versions of Logo is increasingly used across these sites on making common industry also logo design and brand identity.

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