Outdoor Advertising Agency in Vadodara

The outdoor advertising agency in Vadodara, Gujarat, India is one of the best alternatives to complement advertising campaigns in other media such as TV, radio, etc… Billboards, posters, stickers or light are important reinforcements, high impact, which should have your business.

Why us?

1.        Experience. Backed by clients in the field of Educational, Doctors, Hotels and more in the India and over 25 years experience in the world of graphic design, we ensure a high level of commitment, quality and originality in all our work.

2.       Advise. closely with our printers and installers allows us to study your case and advise you on the best finishes, options, and those most effective formats. No need to worry about anything!

3.       Low-cost. heavy workload The print move allows us to arrange special rates with our printers. You’ll benefit from the best quality and also the best price. Deliveries to the peninsula with free postage!

Why outdoor advertising?

No closed . As may occur with Web, outdoor advertising works 24 hours, weekends and holidays. No rest.

Large number of impacts . Place your ad in roads or fields, for example, will ensure million hits per month and, contrary to what happens with Internet advertising, you will not have to pay extra for each hit. You can see it 1,000 or 10,000 people, the price is always the same. This implies a low and affordable cost per CPM (cost per thousand impacts).

Exclusive for certain segments . There are some niche markets, as they may be young entrepreneurs, who spend too much time away from home, for outdoor advertising is specially recommended.


To give maximum mileage within the given budget.

To present the most excellent quality, service, strategy, sites and solutions.

To deliver anything and everything under advertising fundamental with a sense of competitive urgency.


Abhishek Enterprise has revolutionized the outdoor announcement industry through its victorious campaigns in various sectors for more than a decade-and-a-half. Backed by the accurate media tools, unmatched experience and strategy, Abhishek is the leader in innovation in the Indian Outdoor advertising industry.

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