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Pinterest forging ahead and is now the fourth largest social media globally.

Initially, it was relatively women who used Pinterest, but today, men have also become aware of the media.

Pinterest used for inspiration and collection of good ideas. Earlier you had a folder in the drawer with clippings of ideas and good articles you would save, it is today possible to store it electronically on your Pinterest bulletin board, systematized into different folders (boards).

Pinterest has, in contrast to, for example, Facebook, long shelf life. Here, the content is not out of date – and disappears from customers timeline – just hours after it is posted. Is your content interesting, it will be re-pinnet again and again, no matter how long it is since it was pinnet on Pinterest.

It also allows you to organize information to customers and business partners, and categorizing products and services to the boards, and give the various boards descriptive names and descriptions.

Are you using the right keywords in names and descriptions, they can lead to more impressions and a higher ranking on Google, and if the key words are also used in the descriptions of individual pins, they can also make it easier for Pinterest users to search your pins.

Pinterest drives traffic and acts as a visual marketing medium that can raise awareness of your products and services significantly. Like you can follow other Pinterest profiles, others choose to follow you or any of your boards, re-pinne or ‘like’ photos you pinnet to your boards, comment on your pictures or they can pinne pictures or other from your website.

This way, you get access to a much wider audience than you might otherwise, because your images automatically show up on friend’s boards and from other users who have similar interests as you. And thus also created links back to your website, and hence more visits.

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If your company has a visual product, it is definitely a MUST be present on Pinterest.

Have a nursery, it would be obvious to have a board with inspiring images to garden facilities, a board with pictures of various trees and tips for when it is good to plant trees, a board with perennials, shrubs, acid-loving plants, various hedges and possibly. A board with good advice.

For a hairdresser, it is natural to have some boards with different hairstyles. Hairstyles for short hair and long hair, hairstyles suitable for thick hair or sparsely and fine hair, a board with boys hairstyles, a board with wedding hairstyles, etc. So new customers can find inspiration for how they will cut before they show up at the hairdresser. There could possibly create group board, where customers could upload to.

Pinterest MArketing 2014 - 2015