Project Description

Educational  Branding

Launched in 2017, Periwinkle Primary School in Vadodara, it’s a Playgroup to Std 3 education school in Vadodara. Best and faster-Growing School

Educational  Branding Project Summary:

Client:   Roopa Lakhani

Project: Periwinkle School Education Branding 

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Status: Working

Logo Design for Periwinkle School Education

The Periwinkle Primary School  Gives a task to developed a logo. Requirement of a client are given below

  • Inspire from Periwinkle Flower
  • Used color Combination of  Pink & Blue
  • Co-education based Logo
  • Time duration For Full Branding 10 Days
  • Sketch logo in Sketchbook
  • Software used illustrator, Photoshop