Project Description

Restaurant Branding

Launched in 2017, Hungry Hunter cafe in Vadodara, it’s successful Cafe always had a steady stream of  Sneaks  but most of these were only casual customers. He wanted to have a regular clientele that returned often, were loyal to his business, and bought friends and colleagues along with them.

Project Summary :

Client:   – 

Project : Hungry Hunter Cafe Branding 

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Status: Completed

Hungry Hunters Cafe Logo Design

The Hungry Hunters Give a task to developed a logo.  requirement of client are given below

  • Shape of Brade & Burger
  • inside vagetables
  • Colorfull Cafe name Typography
  • Time duration is 10 Days
  • Sketch logo in Sketch book
  • Software used illustrator, Photoshop