Real Estate Video Production Company in India

Real Estate Video Production Company in India produce fully custom HD (high definition) videos that can effectively profile a wide range of property types including: residential developments, commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, luxury homes and company/agency profiles.


Real estate video marketing is more than a recorded edition of your accessible marketing plan. It is a unique and extremely specialized medium that requires technical knowhow, artistic responsiveness as well as an understanding of how to connect with your target audience. Understanding how to use video marketing successfully is a complex procedure, as each business has individual wants and goals. When video marketing is done properly, it is a dynamic and invaluable addition to your current lineup of marking strategies.

It is no shock that video advertising saw a 40 percent growth in the past year. With the number of web video platforms increasing, it is one the best methods of reaching your target audience. Videos can be importantly featured on your website and can also be displayed in HD on popular video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. Even more significantly, web videos are easier to get to than ever. Viewers are no longer required to sit at a computer, as web videos are playable on portable devices like smart phones, the iPad and much more.

When approaching your real estate video marketing plan, there are 2 important details to consider. First is your target market. Understanding your target market is the initial step towards video marketing achievement. Second is the intended use of your video. How and where will your video be displayed? Is your video balancing to a verbal presentation? Are you using video on social networks to build a community or resource that will keep customers coming back? Or, are you using video as a branding tool on the home page of your website? Understanding these details is essential to a successful video marketing plan.

5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

  1. Build relationships. Video helps develop awareness and accessibility. On a relational level, if someone can see what you look like, know how you act together, and get a sense of your personality it can put you in control of the first impression you have on them. First impressions are the building blocks of any relationships.
  2. Stay top of mind. If 70 percent of homebuyers forget the name of their real estate agent within 1 year of buying their home, it may be significant to be remembered by the people you help. Having relevant video content, like home perfection or maintenance tips, can help you stay top of mind with your clients even after they buy a home.
  3. be easy to find. When homebuyers are searching for properties the first place they go is the Internet. Having searchable videos hosted on sites like YouTube will help your Google rankings. Videos are 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking. Once your video is ranked, consumers are then 41 percent more likely to click on a video within the search results over any other form of content.
  4. Grab and keep your prospects attention. Video makes up for 50 pecent of all internet activity. Because of this, having a video on your website will keep visitors on your site up to 6 times longer…that’s 6X the opportunity to capture them as a lead.
  5. Be viewed as the local expert. Delivering relevant videos to your current, past, and future clients is a great way to separate yourself from your competitors. If the videos you have are truly helpful, they will boost repeat visits to your site, blog or social network.

One large advantage that can be utilized is the power of video. A video can serve many vital purposes for a Real Estate Broker, Agent, and Property. A video can introduce a company or agents, making the home buyer or seller feel more comfortable with them and leading to a greater chance that they are the one selected to represent their home or home search. Stand out over the competition and give your audience more than a simple “About Us” page on your website. Let them see you, hear you, get to know a little about you, and making them choose you!