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What is a page for Realtors?

Abhishek Enterprise developing specialized software for the real estate market, this software has the latest technology, which allows simple and dynamically load the photos of the properties for sale or rent, their technical characteristics and location of the property on a map Your Customers may have easy access to each of the services and that markets your real estate properties.

It also has a search engine within the website, for the user to find what you need with just a click.

How is made?

The Website for Realtors is composed of 4 sections 1 search engine:

Home / Start:

This is the section that corresponds to the presentation of the company; or may be intended for the history of it. It is a presentation of no more than 5 or 6 lines of text and 1 or 2 pictures of the company.

 Sale / Rent *:

This section is intended to show that the real estate properties sold or rented. Here the user can see all properties with corresponding pictures, specifications, location map, see property values, etc…

If the user is concerned, with just a click of consultation you will receive a consultation with the data subject indicating the property for which you want to find.

 News / Promotions:

. This section may be adapted to communicate company news, promotions, news, etc.

Can you walk up and down the news you want very easily and dynamically. Our experts also gives you the ability to replace this section with a product / service as in section 2, so you can display more products or to have 2 categories of products.


The Web page has Abhishek Enterprise developed software that allows the user to perform segmented by price, number of rooms, location, etc. searches.


For clients to contact with you, either by phone or with a query via e-mail.

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