What is a responsive website?

The term is fashionable and also its acronym in English, RWD. We talked about Responsive Web Design; a current web design aims at adapting the appearance of the websites the exact device you are using. Create a responsive website is now practically a duty of any person or company that has or wants a website.

And, with the boom of technology, many devices which we see different websites. Read a digital newspaper, watch the window of an online store, see the course offer a training academy … all can be seen from any device, ie, smart phones, tablets, laptops, same PC, eBooks … and such websites should be able to see well in each of these.

Each of these devices by which we see a determined website has a particular characteristic, such as memory capacity, resolution and size of the power, the power of the CPU itself … and what do one responsive website? With a single design can see the same site correctly on all these devices. An idea created by American designer Ethan Marcotte and first introduced in the summer of 2008 in the study “Mobile Web Best Practices” that although only focused on smart phones, finished laying the foundations for its current extension.

Create a responsive website is to defend the “One Web” concept, a web leg each and on any device. A need arose due to the large number of devices but also ways to make a website where it was observed that not all could see well and are truly functional depending on where they looked.

Among the benefits of having a responsive website are: having a single version of HTML and CSS, reducing costs, optimizing the various search engines as there is only one site, saving redirect errors or need of fewer screens, among others.

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