SEO Services for Small Business

The SEO is a marketing strategy that is set after considering each of the factors that influence the position which can reach in certain website that yield natural results of search engines. This requires careful analysis of the target market for who will be directed to the website, where potential customers are located, how you intend to communicate the range of products and services and what information should be relevant to the user.

How we offers Web Positioning Service

The experience of 25 years in the market, having a portal aimed at graphic, web design and related sector, able to have reviews of several people who are SEO ( SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION / SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ) , and have applied the knowledge and strategies with clients who have hired this service allows us how do we make your website is in the top results of major search engines, Google being that greater effort invested.

1.       The customer must choose two key phrases for which you want to position.

2.       We conducted a business consultancy and proper positioning. We work with our key customers.

3.       We guarantee that your site will be found in the first three pages of Google, prioritizing take the number 1 for the keywords you chose.

4.       Current study results from leading search engines.

5.       We guarantee you will be found by the name of the company in the first instance.

6.       We guarantee you will be found by an unlimited number of different words and combinations established.

7.       We guarantee that will be met by the commercial category to which it belongs, including the location, i.e. the location region.

8.       We deliver monthly reports of work done and achieved.

9.       We ensure the positioning chosen by you.

10.   Everything is done manually by our staff SEO, do not use programs or algorithms.

11.   Adaptation of web pages of your site to be indexed properly.

12.   Checked your website in major search engines.

13.   We use our expertise in SEO to achieve top results.

Success Stories:

Here are some of the customers who have chosen our SEO and have begun to receive new visitors – for your business. To verify these success stories, please click on the key phrase of each of our clients.

When in search engine all you have to do is to refer the web address of the success story of our client and so can see our results.

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