Social Media Marketing Company in India

Abhishek Enterprise is an India based company specializing in mobile and internet marketing Apart from social media marketing in India it also includes display and search marketing or viral videos and content creation as well as application development.


Should your company be successful online and in social media, it is important that you have a plan – a content strategy for the company. It is not enough just to be present, to launch a website and create a profile on Facebook or Twitter, and then wait for things to happen. You need to decide why you are there, what you want to achieve with your presence and who you would like to have contact with.

Why should your company be on social media?

Many companies think of concepts such as branding, marketing and selling when they are considering going on the social media. But the companies that are most successful are actually companies that focus on customer service, collaboration, inspiration and problem solving – ‘what can we do for you?’.

– Want to service and maintain contact with current clients?

– Want to recruit new customers?

– Do you want to inform about your products?

– Want to convince your customers to purchase your products?

– Or instruct, entertain, engage and guide?

How do you ensure that your target audience will have the benefit of your company’s presence on the web and social media? How can you distinguish yourself from your competitors? What is your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and how do you use them?

Who are the company’s target markets?

It is important to define who is the company’s target audience, so content can be targeted precisely to the group. It can in many situations be helpful to make one or more ‘personas’, that is, fictional characters which are the characteristics of the target audience and then target strategy and your content against these ‘personas’.

Where is your audience? Which media do they use? Are the young people’s Instagram the obvious place to meet them, and if the target audience is women then Pinterest also a great place to be. Is the target group of new employees, so the company must be present on LinkedIn. In other words, you need to be where your audience is!

Social Media Marketing Company in India


All content on the website and social media should seek optimized so that users can find and recognize the company. Select keywords for the company, which is common in both the website’s domain name and profile names for the selected social media. Select also a few keywords for each post, and use them in the content’s title, body text, links, image names and alt text for links and images. Read more about SEO here.

Content is vital

Once you have defined the company’s purpose for being online and the company’s target audience, you can start to make a strategic plan. Which social media will be ideal for your business; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, blog, etc.. and what type of content would then be the primary choice.

Must the company’s activities on the social media thinking in text or photos and videos. The idea is to make the content exciting and relevant for users – preferably with “a grain of humor ‘that allows users want to comment on and share content with others. Thus, when the company’s activities and messages to as many users as possible.

Importantly, avoid that users feel they are being ‘spammed’.

A calendar is a must

It is important that you set both long term and short term goals for what the company needs to achieve, and that you continuously analyze these goals. What works and what does not? Is there a release times are better than others? Contract. To pursue long-term goals must often be aligned along the way so you are always on track.

Create a content calendar where you write down your goals, plan your content and provides hours of when and how often to post content on the selected social media. Has it been several months where you have not been updated and posted content on the social media, your potential customers are long gone?

Social Media MArketing Company India