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Video marketing: Google and YouTube

Day’s are gone when salesman goes home to home in order advertise products or services of company. Now ,as internet marketing increases, all work regarding the promotion of company product that was done by salesman earlier ,will be done by online video marketing .It’s not a magic of  promoting companies product using video but it is a cost effective way of advertisement. The best part about using a video is that it adds an extra appeal to your overall online marketing strategy. Also, marketing is guaranteed to be more effective if you are able to use interesting videos and pictures that people would love to watch. In simple terms, the effective of a video is far more stimulating as compared to the routine usage of text based advertising. For each type of business rather small or large, online video marketing is an dynamic and effective resource in order to dominate search engine.

There are various video watching sites available that have potential to market your site very effectively. Now question arise in your mind that how it could be done, and how we can differentiate video marketing on YouTube with Google. Then answer is simple you can launch your videos on YouTube and Google, but the method of marketing videos on both sites are different.  We show how both marketing strategy are different;

1.      In YouTube, audience makes a search in order to see videos only but on the other hand Google won’t follow the same script. But it is possible to rank up your YouTube video on Google as well by using a proper and effective meta-data in a optimized manner.

2.      Google like informational keywords that start with phrase like “How to” or “What is” or “Why does”. Why is this true? And Google put the videos on first page only for these informational keywords phrases because the videos are describing “how to” do something because viewers are looking for free answers to their problems. On the other hand YouTube use commercial intent keywords.

3.      Google will rank your informational keyword videos on page one if you do provide them with outstanding meta-data or video SEO. But this will happen far less frequently with commercial intent keywords.

4.      Other information keyword phrase that serves you well on Google are demonstration, tutorial, review, video, walk-through and preview

Finally I would like to say one thing that video marketing on both YouTube and Google are different but you have a real opportunity to get ranked on the first page of the two largest search engines in the world if you provide them with great meta-data and use informational keywords strategically.

Other Benefits of Video Marketing

1.      Users are more engaged with content shared by friends, and videos are heavily shared

2.      Consumers that watch a video are more likely to purchase an offering than they are if no video is present

3.      Over 81 percent of users turn to word-of-mouth when making product decisions and video provides more earned, word-of-mouth attention

4.      Social video campaigns are booming – they generated 2.7 billion views in 2010, up from 820 million in 2009

5.      Video empowers viewers to share – if the content is good, they feel compelled to share it

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