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Abhishek Enterprise is the good name for provide services of Stati and Dynamic web development. Now a day we also provide offers with our design package.

We Follow Some Basic Rules …

A good web design is not accidental or incidental and required to follow certain guidelines in the design , structure and content . Both articles to sell services as necessary to show a design attractive, that does not leave you indifferent.

1. Everyone is going too fast on the Internet! There’s no time, the pages open and close without even blinking. That’s why a quick loading, content is essential. Forget a full of images or entirely in Flash heavy site. Bet on light images, texts and short and blunt, above all, a good server / hosting that offers a powerful bandwidth without cuts.

2. If a user enters your website and, at first glance, do not know what you do or do not find the phrase or image that relates to what you want, it will go away in less than a moment. Now the term is fashionable Landing Page, which is nothing but a landing page with big messages clear and direct about the services offered on the Web.

A Landing Page is usually composed of the logo of the company, a slogan, the services that lend and image that captures the attention. All at a size that does not leave the user’s gaze away. Your mission is to awaken the interest of the client!

3. One of the most powerful hooks for reputation and visits is to provide free content. If you want your customers to subscribe to your newsletter or visit your blog often, feel free to have some detail and give them free quality content. You have to plant to collect fruits.

4. Caring detail is essential. Believe it or not, a simple spelling mistake can ruin the reputation of your brand. If you do not know how to write, do not write. Hire someone to do it. This aspect, since late 2011, follow along with special attention to the new engine Google “Panda” will not hesitate to penalize those sites whose grammar is incorrect or contain spelling errors. Try to structure the contents on points and not write too long sentences, goes a correction in case of doubt.

5. The sitemap helps the structure of your web design becomes clear, both for robots and spiders from search engines, and users. A fashionable tendency is to place the most relevant to footer sections. A map of your site is very important.

6. Which will note that behind the Web are real people! All are suspicious by nature, more online, if a user is going to spend money on an item or service will want to meet you. Put to the visitor all the information you can about your company. Facility photos, contact details, etc. Do not get a sad form. Another way to show that your website is alive is to write original content and unique assiduously. Promote yourself on social networks.

As a person, Web must provide a range of values ​​and principles to raise trust and confidence in our users.

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We provide free basic SEO and Social Media Marketing with the plan of dynamic web development.

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