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WhatsApp Marketing

Communication is an essential, rather a vital part of our life. Technology understands it better and provides us many tools. WhatsApp is on top of this game facilitating one to one and group conversations. It proves useful in sharing digital messages, images and even videos. Personalized and better privacy settings widen its appeal making it a hugely liked and used application in the world. As of April 2014, the app has more than 500 million monthly active users. So marketers have been tried to evaluate how to use WhatsApp for business, especially after Facebook’s acquisition of WhatApp has suddenly got the whole world’s attention.

Now days, Whatsapp as a marketing tool is the most discussed topic among many a marketing professional today who already connected with this social communication and main objective is to connect people from around the world. does not sound commercial in such very much effective manner.

When a brand like Facebook, the most sought after online marketing platform had turned its attention towards an instant messaging app like Whatsapp, we can only expect Whatsapp to have some commercial use for businesses. Many of the big and small brand are currently working with this social communication and some of are going to do that. But before using you must be focus towards some of special advantages which you will able to get.

Why Whatsapp Marketing

Promotions and Advertising using WhatsApp

WhatsApp for business WhatsApp is a good tool to promote your new products or discount offers. You can send detail information about a product to individuals or targeted groups. You can share digital images of a product or video containing directions regarding the use of the product. This works similarly for advertising. You can share attractive e-brochures of your company/product/services by using WhatsApp. You can also share your radio or TV advertisements. Changing your status and display picture for promotion of any particular service can help you gain attention of the customers.

One of the major advantages is “its quicker”

  • Use of this application is very simple and there is lesser efforts of the user require.
  • We all know that people like to fidget with their smartphones looking for information every now and then and Whatsapp allows you to feed them instantly.
  • Whatsapp also allows you to do text messaging along with images and videos which is too good.

All most free of cost

  • Somewhat just $1 a year, Whatsapp costs you absolutely nothing for your marketing efforts and instantly boosts customer conversations around the brand.
  • And now days text message becomes very expensive so in huge number of user is almost moved towards the whatsapp messenger.
  • Whatsapp marketing has been proved that boon for small businesses that aim at cutting costs at every step and adopt economical practices.

Customer relationship

  • Where your customers are: Smartphones have enabled easy access to your customers. To get in touch with your customers, you just need to have their numbers saved in your mobile phone and you will now be able to Whatsapp them. Communication with the customer is not time bound and is open 24/7.

Brand Positioning

  • Your customers will be delighted that all their queries are answered in real time by real people. As a brand, you can very well show your customers, how much you care.
  • Homeshop 18 used Whatsapp to change customer’s perception about the brand as a TV shopping network.

Communications through Whatsapp

  • You  may use your whatsapp for your different marketing purpose. It is the best place to showcase a product’s image, a video explaining the product’s features, discount coupons and festive offers.
  • Via whatsapp its easy for customer to give feedback.
  • Brands had started using a platform which is as personal as Whatsapp to send marketing messages.