In advertising, which is very wide, more and more elements that are used to secure and transmit the advertising a business, or a new product, or any other ingredient latest creation, manufacturing etc.

We highlight as advertising design classes:

– Brochures and flyers

– Catalogs

– Posters and posters

– Billboards

– Packaging, packaging and labels

– Logos designing

Design of advertising catalogs

They are publications that we provide information on a number of products or services of a company. It is the best way to have a company to provide advertisements about their products directly to consumers, although this is a bit high cost, can teach the right way all desired content by the company, without limiting quality or space in publishing their products.

How to design it in the paper quality, the possibility of using many images and dwell on the texts, can allow us to devise effectively creating an attractive product, a showcase on paper that sparks the interest and attention of our target audience. If it is a company with a certain prestige, were we taking care of every detail, as to the quality of paper, images, etc. If it is more common and products offered, will opt for a less elegant and simple design.

Graphics Design


In other publications, magazines, newspapers etc., the front and back are the most attractive parts that should contain the most relevant and compelling information. This makes the design save special care in these areas.

The main objective of designing a catalog advertising is an effective way to achieve that the contents thereof, to reach the public or consumers, who are to your liking, and look them attractive in a clear, orderly and aesthetic form.

Design of brochures and advertising flyers

The flyers, also called “Flyers” are small booklets reduced dimensions and weights that are used to transmit information about products and services of a company.

The brochures are elements that can also encounter included in a mailing. Present the product or service in detail and illustrated, highlighting the advantages and characteristics of the offer. Format or size, varies with the needs of the product and of the creative development.