Digital Marketing Trends for 2015, The Holidays are nearly done, and you’ve begun contemplating how 2015 will be the year you take your digital marketing to the next level.

We’re right there with you and we think we’ve identified some good decisions you can make today to make your marketing shine this year.From the Fusion farm digital marketing team comes our digital marketing musts for businesses for 2015.

1. Share your Expertise with the World, REGULARLY

Challenge yourself to set a content schedule. Then, follow through on it. Unless you’re truly a one-person show, capturing and distributing your brands’ expertise needs to be part of everyone’s job description. If your staff is doing a good job of answering your customers’ most common questions in person, have them craft an FAQ or blog post answering those questions for online prospects. Just make sure it is conversational and sounds like the humans who work at your company, not a market, promotional ad.

2. Produce Content Customers Need, not just Trends or Awesome Status

We use buyer personas to identify the characteristics of people who are most likely to benefit from working with us. Sometimes their needs follow the meta-trends that circulate the year-end reports and predictions. Sometimes, they just don’t. For instance, even though 2015 is poised to be the breakthrough year for mobile search, if most of your customers are sitting in front of a desktop screen 6+ hours a day, it still makes sense to focus on engagement through that platform.

3. For SEO, answer to Local first, then the rest

Google is hyper-focused on local search results:

  • 43% of all Google search queries are local. This makes the process of keyword selection super-important for your local SEO efforts. 59% of consumers use Google every month to search for local businesses.
  • 61% of local searches conducted on PCs/laptops result in sales; this figure is 78% on mobile phones

It can be easy to get distracted by stats and headlines for national trends in your industry, but if your customers are local, focusing your efforts on that market only makes sense.

4. Use Your Experience and Data to Adapt

Marketers who use a combination of their own marketing experience plus the ability to measure and adapt their marketing efforts will realize more success than those that base their marketing on past experiences only. Our world changes too quickly and is too complex to rely too much on the past.

Integrated marketing campaigns became a reality in 2014, but will be even more important for 2015. Handling your marketing campaigns in silos will no longer be effective. Integrating social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, targeted advertising and other relevant marketing channels for your campaign need to be a priority for 2015.

5. Give Social Media an Allowance

Social Media isn’t a teenager yet, but it’s feeling more entitled to your dollars (you know, for all the chores they take care of.) Social engagement sites remain an important part of your overall marketing strategy. In 2015 they may also have an impact on your marketing budget. In 2014, social media networks, especially Facebook, have been changing their algorithms and cutting down organic (unpaid) reach. Starting in January, you will have to create ads and promote posts in order to reach your desired audience.

Are you planning on spending anything on creating assets for social media? As ad traffic on these media sites increase, making your business stand out may require a more nuanced approach and call for help from a creative agency.

6. Trade Talk for Action

Designers and entrepreneurs favor the descriptions “innovative”, “startup”, “upstart”, “disruption” or “disruptive” yet many are just recycling tired ideas. Review examples of their work for their design approach and their process of partnering with you to reach your goals.  The proof is in the pudding, isn’t it? Less talk. More do.

Planning marketing strategy can take place any time of year, but any time spent planning now will save you time and (potentially) money later this year.  Start your year off right with actions that will bring meaningful results. Still thirsty for more ideas for the coming year? Check out our business blogging E book or subscribe to our blog today.