Educational  Branding

Flowers & kids :

Kids are like flower. Just like flowers kids are Delicate too they need proper care and environment and there is no doubt both spend their time in nursery and school.

Keeping such concept in mind we designed logo with two periwinkles on it, blue and pink, symbolizing boy and girl respectively. Making school place where kids will get appropriate environment to bloom and spread their fragrance just like flowers

Logo Design for Periwinkle School Education

Launched in 2017, Periwinkle Primary School in Vadodara, it’s a Playgroup to Std 3 education school in Vadodara. Best and faster-Growing School

Educational Branding Project Summary:

Client:   Roopa Lakhani

Project: Periwinkle School Education Branding 

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Status: Complite

educational branding

Periwinkle Primary School – Branding Gallery

Educational Branding Case Study