Generate more leads by Digital Marketing India be a into progress challenges on behalf of each and every small business dealer. Sometimes lead generation can fall by the wayside. we will show you why leads matter, how to get more of them and how to use them effectively once you have got them. discover how making a few simple changes to your website design can transform your site into a lead generation machine. content marketing and social media marketing are two of today’s hottest trends.

We will reveal how smart marketers use them to get more leads. But good old-fashioned networking can work, too. Find out how tapping into your existing contacts can quickly power up your lead generation program.

1.Inbound and Outbound Marketing

During the world of marketing, there is always discuss whether inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing, or vice versa. And, I can tell you there is no right or wrong answer here. Each one of them has its own merit and advantage. However, a smart marketer will do both instead of solely relying on the inbound marketing or the outbound marketing.

2.Get Leads on Twitter

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms. Most people do not know how to utilize Twitter to generate more leads to their businesses. One of the best way to fully utilize twitter is with Follower wonk. It helps you analyze followers; when the followers are most active, so you can reach out or engage with your followers. It is also a great interface to find influencers.

3.Generate Leads on Linkedin

Most people know that Linkedin is B2B platform, but very few of them knows that Linkedin has been constantly proven to be one of best platforms to generate leads. More people will check out Linkedin messages as opposed to other types of platforms.

4.Direct Engagement:

In engagement system, such as using a FAQ page. It is proven to be not an effective way of generating leads. Instead, the direct engagement system, such as live chat, has constantly been proven to be more effective in generating leads, because it answers questions more thorough, and will be more likely resulted in sales.

5.Emerging Technology

A classify to reside forward of competition, every business needs to keep eyes on any emerging technology that might help generating more leads.

6.Participate on Quora

Quora is a very well-liked Q&A platform. There are thousands of questions being posted there every day. By answering question that related to your expertise or niche, other people will tend to check out your profile and website.

7.Generate Leads on Youtube

Believe it or not, almost 90 percent of people online do not like to read texts, they like to watch videos. Youtube is the most popular video platform in the world. If you do not use Youtube to generate leads, you are losing a lot of potential prospects.

8.Optimized Your Email Signature

It is only take hardly minutes to setup your email signature, but it can be a game changing for you if you are sending out email to people regularly. People will click on your signature and check out your website.


People doing read comments and see how others react to the article. In fact, if you are making intelligent comments, people will click on your name and check out your website.

10.Email Marketing

If u have a good list, email marketing can be one of the most effective way of generating leads for your business. Because if people opt-in to your list, it is very likely that they are interested in your business or product, and would love to know more about it.