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> The term graphic design

The term graphic design refers to the implementation of ideas and statements in pictorial and linguistic representation.

For the areas of print, especially the chosen typography (fonts), images, colors and materials play a role in graphic design.

> Examples of graphic design

Depending on which advertising medium is to create, it is in graphic design, to account for different aspects and limitations. So offers such. As a business card only little space to carry all the necessary information and messages.


One of the most exciting tasks of graphic design is the development of a company logo. In a small space here, the philosophy and the desired image on a memorable Signe must be reduced.

> Catalog

Complex is the challenge for the graphic design, a comprehensive catalog to create.

Here it is the first to define one for the entire product clear, concise catalog structure. Thereafter, the page layout to the different static and alternating elements must be developed.

Also, text highlighting, the meaningful inclusion of pictures, as well as the structure of product tables are important components of a good graphic design.

> Our promise in Graphic Design

We design for you appealing advertisements that convince your target audience and ask for action. “Ideas and designs with images, graphics and texts implement professional and focusing on the essentials.”

A picture is worth a thousand words – therefore you see the references at the respective menu items and you will get a first impression of our work of graphic design.

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