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The info graphic opens by stating that mobile is now a mainstay, so expect more mobile bookings throughout 2015. For further proof of its prevalence, industry insiders forecast that half of all direct online bookings will be made on mobile devices by 2017.

  • The graphic goes on to show that video is quickly becoming a go-to resource for travelers, with 81% of online travelers viewing videos before booking and buying travel last year.
  • It also touches on the trend toward customized remarketing, which is important because it enables marketers to bring back the 96% of Web visitors who leave a site without converting.
  • And with search engines continuing to favor social media sites in search results, hotel marketers must leverage social media marketing to increase their website traffic.
  • Plus, geo-targeting is expected to experience phenomenal growth this year, so now is time for hotel marketers to focus on this targeting tactic.
  • Hotel marketing is evolving at a very rapid rate, but taking the time to track the trends can make it much easier to stay ahead of the competition.