Total Website Security

We are a true 360 degree website safety solution. Not only do we spotless your website of everything hateful, we also take the essential steps to harden it beside possible threats, thereby reducing your generally risk.

Removing Malware, Backdoors, Trojans, Viruses, SEO Blackhat Spam, Phishing, defacement’s, etc. from your website or server is only one part of the solution – you want a holistic come up to to protected your website as well.

Most companies will provide you a monitoring service that might warn you after you have been reinfected, which requires you to pay extra fee’s to clean it. A bulk of website malware monitoring companies do NOT protected your site as a part of their service – We do.

It’s our objective to give the small business owner with reasonably priced website malware removal, hacked website restoration and security services. We be familiar with your online business and status is very significant to you – we’re here to help.

The main types of malware are:

Virus. A virus is activated when running a program and besides trying to reproduce carries out activities such as deleting files, showing a joke etc.

Worm or worm . Analogous to the virus but is transmitted automatically by the network, taking advantage of a vulnerability.

Spyware . Monitor their online activity and sell this information to advertisers. They often use a toolbar in the browser for it. If you gave permission for the program then install the advertising company would not be doing anything illegal in principle, although it is often a gray area since the conditions of use may not be clear to the user or be hidden.

Adware . They related to spyware are programs that advertise settled without permission, typically with pop-ups (pop-ups).

Scareware , crimeware . This type of malware tries to scare the user and convince him to make payment by credit card or other enticements. For example they can make it appear in your browser a message that your computer is infected.

Trojans and backdoors . Trojans are malicious applications masquerading as something harmless and attractive for the user to run it. When installed performs its malicious activity as delete files or spread worms over the local network. Backdoors or rear doors are hiding user applications that allows attackers to connect to your computer. This is extremely dangerous as hackers can have total control of your website, see what you do etc. (Programs that capture what the user types are called “keyloggers”).