An optimal picture is worth a thousand words….

Increasingly we want to look through the Internet. Having a web presence is essential to our business. But this growth in their use has also made that having only a website is not effective to introduce our business.

It is therefore necessary to create marketing strategies online (Internet advertising) effective, being the best results obtained by the search engine on the pay-per-click advertising network the most important: Google Adwords

What are the benefits?

Adwords is a system of Google (the search engine number one in 26 of the 30 countries analyzed), dynamic works running ads during the day to maximize your exposure, made conditional on a budget.

Unlike conventional advertising and most online advertising formats, where the message is distributed to the general public on Google ads appear only to those interested in a particular subject.

The cost of an advertising campaign on the Internet is much lower than in any other medium.

Short-term profitability: Show your web directly to users who are specifically looking for the products or services you offer.

Immediate results. You may check in no time and will serve to draw conclusions about your website

High flexibility: You have the ability to define, refine and adjust their search marketing campaign using his personal manager.

Maximum Return on Investment (ROI): Compared with traditional means of advertising in general.

How do we do?

Our online marketing experts take care of every detail of your campaign to maximize profitability and the impact of it.

In Google ads appear only to those interested in a particular subject. This interest is materialized through the key terms or words entered in the search box of Google.

  • One relevant list of keywords (keywords) will be generated.
  • The cost of each click on each word to be estimated.
  • Text ads, well written and attractive reports.
  • The optimal time slot for the appearance of your ads will be analyzed.
  • Optimal geographical segmentation is analyzed.
  • Channels to enable (content network, Google, etc.) will be analyzed.
  • Brackets to enable (Pc, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) will be analyzed.
  • Will delimit the time slot in which the ads are published.

To achieve the objectives, Adwords campaign is created, after a thorough analysis of the web, the market of destination of its products and its current competition.

Campaign maintenance

We will make two minor revisions to the month of their campaigns including the following work:

  • Monitoring of the campaign.
  • Optimization of bids (CPC for each keyword).
  • Filter negative keywords.
  • Insertion of new relevant keywords.
  • Settings and drafting new text ads as conversions.
  • Sending monthly status report on the campaign.
  • Setting slots.

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