Optimize Website in Social Networks

The job of marketing and management of social networks can sometimes be too appealing; making the workers employed much time in them. While it is sometimes necessary to stop, analyze and deduce that we are telling the users through their interaction to deliver a higher quality product, there are tasks and ways that could take less time than they actually employ and be more efficient. Knowing well the temporal patterns, a complete planning and use of management tools, along with a willingness to avoid distractions, are some of the aspects that can help optimize the work on social networks.

1. Knowing the temporal patterns

Must know how to operate each social network by the results that we provide users, responding to certain types of content and creating better acceptance at specific hours. The schedules and forms or self-use of each social network and country in order to optimize our results to share content and reaches the maximum readership. Each case presents specific characteristics so it is best to study them separately. However, there are some general patterns that are repeated in each of the social networks:

In Facebook for example, there are different times that work well, the still noons and nights the two times of day in which posts would be received with greater impact, although the weekend from 20h to 23h is the best time. Meanwhile on Twitter , being a very fast tool the reader fail to revise short impasse is realize the best times to tweet, though there is a more stable pattern which would be of 12h to 18h pm and during the weekends . In most networks linked to the professional field, as Google+, the best times are from Monday to Friday 12 to 15 hours. On LinkedIn, also would be Monday through Friday at the beginning and end of the working hours. And Pinterest to post the best time seems to be the weekend and especially on Saturday, while during the week from 5-7 pm is the worst time.

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2. Schedule tasks and content

To be more efficient and avoid social media run out for taking care all the time and even take work home, you should be very careful while using your own productivity and implement a methodology and sometimes very strict. Some of the keys for all the work remaining planned spend for these tips:

·         Taking the time to make lists of tasks to do and go supplementing.

·         Meet schedule and strictly imposed to give some breaks that are not related to checking social networks themselves.

·         Invest about 30 to 60 minutes every morning and every evening to read and respond to emails.

·         Spend around 15 minutes a day to get into the social networking accounts and interact and see that everything is correct.

·         Knowing what type of content is needed for each type of social network to avoid wasting time thinking or looking on the net something that fits.

·         Using tools of idea management and monitoring of sites of interest to the communities of social networks such as Feedly, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious and Evernote.

3. Use management tools

In order to maximize the time spent to maintain social networks and program, it is important to know that there are some tools on the web that help manage content and to control social networks from a single platform. This saves a lot of time at the same time facilitates monitoring these media.

On the one hand, there are tools to collect and share content such as Storify, Scoop.it and Pearltreess. On the other hand there are tools to manage social networks from a single platform and can schedule long periods of time. Some are Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or Seesmic Buffer.


4. Avoid distractions

The planning of tasks and knowledge deep medium in which you work is not enough for the job performance of social networks is optimal. A half a worker loses 2.1 hours of productivity a day because of the interruption and, above all, of the distractions. There are thousands of techniques to stay focused and avoid distraction, but each depends on the particular person and the will and consciousness of it to avoid them. Some of the techniques that should be imposed when working with social networks:

·         Turn off instant messages to avoid distractions with people who talk or send messages.

·         Working from profiles no personal check to avoid interest profiles and information itself but not related with tasks.

·         Close all windows and browser tabs except those in which it is really working.

·         Close in general anything that is too staff or appealing to divert attention and delay tasks too.

Anyway, you know yourself better than anyone, so you know best that will work if you desire to maximize the working time and get work in social networks more efficient.