The importance of new technologies for real estate agents

The profession of real estate agents has not always had the recognition it deserves, and well truth is that very unjustly, for while it is true that in the “golden age” of the real estate sector of our country many excesses committed by many pseudo professionals who took advantage and committed atrocities in the market, partly atrocities (among many other faults in different parts of one and each of the links forming the chain of buying / selling real estate) were attributable to the lack of control that existed in the sector, also is that this has nothing to do really with the real estate agents as these were, are and always will be primarily interested in the professionalism of the sector.

The major interest in the professionalism of the sector because there is no doubt that the figure of a good realtor is much needed in the property market, as it provides added value to the chain between the buyer and seller that without this figure the transaction (and not only the transaction but all services associated with both the buyer and seller in your housing search or an interest in selling a property makes the real estate agent) in many cases might not occur so smoothly.

Internet Key

And for a real estate agent best available services is important that is adapted to the latest technologies; integrating new technologies and especially the Internet in their profession, precisely because the real estate profession is one that with the advent of the internet has caused a great shift in real estate transactions, a shift that in certain respects it has certainly caused some disintermediation between buyer and seller at some points relegating Figure realtor, but in others, in most cases unlike what he has done is to strengthen your figure broker and adviser especially the parties, and to This is a key technology.

And the use of technology is key to the real estate agent, affecting both their own way of managing your business (online tools for managing your calendar, online promotional tools, cloud billing and so on), as the possibility of creating a transformation in the way they deliver services and provide value to your customer and retailer seller client.

Key to the seller, the buyer key

The real estate agent thanks to new technologies can offer such authentic “books” of the property or properties for sale of its client, and can promote the dwelling at a much lower cost than before, in a permanent market, at any time and in everywhere as the Internet. You can take for example all multimedia resources (videos, photos, etc.) so that the resulting housing appetizing while you can “move” and show it through social networks, etc.

For the buyer, the agent may also offer multiple benefits. The first and clearest of them is the ability to perform real previous screens to focus the interest of the client, optimize time, be more effective and avoid authentic tours by hundreds of houses until you find the customer likes. Today, for example, showing the client from any screen a selection of homes and features as you can make a pre-selection or at least close enough to the interests of the client profile, which then can act accordingly and show those in person homes, those homes that qualify for the acquiring person has shown interest.

This is just a small sample of added values l technology brings to the real estate agent in your profession. Then for example, and among many others, you can talk on the same visit and using mobile augmented reality applications offer decorative solutions to housing, perform legal advice or credit simulations and, in general, a host of services before were either not possible or should be made of a much more difficult, costly and not the attributes of the current forms form.

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