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Search marketing is about being there when the customer wants you. Every request is an chance. Whether they’re looking for your brand particularly, or a brand like yours, it pays to get there first. But the way we get there has changed. Mobile and social media have well-known themselves as indispensable parts of the mix. It’s significant to have an agency that knows how to put these elements to work. That’s where we come in. Our cross-channel expertise, advanced analytics and home-grown technologies help make sure brands meet consumers when and where they need them. We also maintain specialized groups across the Retail/E-Commerce, Financial Services, Media/Entertainment and Travel verticals so that brands in these categories receive search expertise tailored to their specific requirements.

Google AdWords is an advertising system created by Google Inc., a company based in Mountain View, California, United States. Google AdWords is the main source of income for Google, which incidentally during 2010 exceeded 28 billion dollars.

AdWords has a large network of advertisers distributed across the planet; advertisers are web sites that offer advertising space in exchange for advertising revenue in its pages.

His company, brand or product can appear on the first page of Google immediately improve your sales, your visitors and brand awareness. No matter if you are a small business or an individual who wants to promote a brand, product or service.

You can run a campaign with a budget that suits their abilities and only pay for actual clicks that lead to your page.

 The ads can be targeted to a particular language in a particular region and may make the message will reach an audience with a certain profile, plus you have much you are willing to invest every day and the cash value will each click.

We will constantly monitor your campaign and deliver regular reports on the evolution of it, plus an analysis of the conclusions of the evaluation and recommendations made to improve your campaign and ensure the success of your online presence.

 Advertising on Google AdWords or also known as keyword advertising ( PPC ), or positioning SEM (Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Marketing) can use it for these specific needs:

Launch of website:

Get easy and low cost visitors to its highly interested in knowing or buy what is offered there website.


You can set a start date and end date of the campaign, which will allow you to reach an audience with an appropriate message that applies to a particular season; eg Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.

 Brand launch, office, retail, new product or service:

Your service or product will be announced from the moment that have disponiblde for sale. You can launch a campaign in which offer discounts, promotions and other concepts alluding to the launch of the product, brand or launch a business or a commercial location.

 Strengthening brand, company, local, business, event:

Perform periodic campaigns where their brand is in constant communication with your existing customers, reach new customers in addition who are highly interested in your products or services by branding campaigns and creating an ongoing dialogue with its community.

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