Project Description

Branding for FMCG Company Dubai, UAE

Project Brief

Branding for FMCG Company Dubai, UAE

Project Summary:

Golden Rise Trading LLC Gave a task to create a Video for the Product Promotion which is going to be displayed in the Exhibition.
A requirement of a client is given below

  • Video Creation for Atta, Spices, Pulses.
  • Time duration For Full Branding 3 Days
  • Software used Adobe Creative Cloud

Client: Golden Rise Trading LLC

Project: Brand Identity for FMCG Sector

Location: Dubai, UAE

FMCG Sector Board Design

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

We Work for Golden Rise Trading LLC:

  • Brand Promotion Video Creation for Atta, Spices, Pulses.
Project Planning 100%
Graphic Design 90%
Branding 95%