Branding for Ortho Care Ayurveda in Vadodara, India

Project Brief

Ortho Care Branding in Vadodara, India.

Project Summary:

The Ortho Care Ayurveda Give a task to develop a Logo Design, Stationery,  Indoor & Outdoor Branding. A requirement of a client is given below

Infinity should Highlight
3D Shape
Time duration For Full Branding 7 Days
Sketch logo in Sketchbook
Software used illustrator

Client: Ortho Care Ayurveda

Project: Ortho care center Branding

Location: Vadodara, India.

Project Status: Completed

Orth care Solutions Logo Design, Orthopedic Logo, Orth care Ayurveda Logo Design

Conceptual Design Samples

Outdoor Board design for hospital Orth care Ayurveda
Orthocare Solutions Logo Design, Orthopedic Logo, Orthocare Ayurvedic Logo Design
main door Board design for hospital Ortho care Ayurveda
Hostpital Wall Design Ortho care Ayurveda
Ortho care Ayurveda Reception Wall graphics design
Mug Design -Ortho care Ayurveda
Packaging design for Outdoor Board design

Skills Needed

We Work for Ortho Care Ayurveda:

  • Logo Design
  • Wall Graphics Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Outdoor Hoarding Board Design
Project Planning 100%
Graphic Design 90%
Branding 95%