Spices (FMCG) Company Branding Case Study in London, UK

Project Brief for Empire Branding:

The company wants to come up with FMCG Brand in the Market, having Brand Name to be spark up among the people of UK. Authentic spices and raw materials are to be manufactured in the rich land of spices and agricultural; i.e., India. The Empire Brand makes Pure and Rich Spices with ready consumables. They assigned us the Branding work of the company, starting from the Brand Logo design, Brand story, Packaging design and other related things


As there are many brands in the field of Spices and Ready consumables in UK. We have to Trigger the Brand into people’s minds, which gives a feeling of richness. The Brand wants to be number one brand in the UK in FMCG, and developing a remarkable Brand Design and Identity is quite challenging.

Client: Empire
Project: Logo Design, Packaging, major branding & POP items.
Location: London, UK
Project Status: Completed


Creating Out of box design. India is considered the land of Spices, and when spice word comes, the picture in our mind comes portraying a royal King with a bunch of spices on a large plate (Thal).

Based on that we started researching and developing space boards, where we made around 100’s of spaces; out of which the final master design came up.

In packaging, the concept is of Royal Palace, as spices were considered a rich item. We have developed packaging in such a way that it gives a feel of Palace’s Entrance, where we have developed doors and an arch of the palace; having spice at the middle of packaging (inside the door). Golden colour pallets are used to showcase the richness of Brand.

This Brand Engagement will increase the company’s growth and connectivity with people, through Branding Equipment.

FMCG Company Branding Portfolio

spices brand pencil sketch logo design in London, Uk
Spices brand logo design in London Uk, Spices, Spices logo design
Packaging design for spices brand in London
Waiting area wall graphics design for spices company
Spices company logo hording
Office reception wall graphics design
Conference room and meeting room wall graphics design
Outdoor advertisement board
Outdoor Advertisement poll with spice brand logo
Mug design with spices logo
Spices product tag
spices company Staff cloth badge
Spice Logo White Trucket, Cap

We Work for Empire Contractors Ltd. :

  • Creative Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Office Wall Graphics Design
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Outdoor Advertising

Skills Needed

Brand Consultation 100%
Project Planning 95%
Strategy 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Branding 95%
Brand Distribution 90%