Evolution of Re-branding

A company logo is something that should be treated with the utmost importance. A logo provides a corporation, business, product or service an identity which is a crucial part of the marketing mix. But over time, these so called trademarks need to adapt with external changes and thus, must Evolution of Rebranding to fit with the modern age of advertising. A logo redesign can give a company a new face.

Evolving a Re-branded Logo

Logo design trends right now are leaning towards simple & flat.

A company’s logo is a recognition tool for the public to link their services or products to the company. In other words, it is part of a company’s branding. Without such branding, the public will not be able to differentiate between companies, and therefore unable to expect a certain standard or quality from the company which they interact with. A logo, if designed effectively, can bring to people’s mind the unique selling proposition of an organization, which inevitably promotes the company on a sub-conscious level.

A logo is the visual representation of your company’s identity. Consumers are exposed to a lot of logos throughout the day, and they tend to treat logos the same way they would do to human faces. They will pass many logos they are unfamiliar with on the street or down the grocery lane, but if they recognize the face of a dear old friend in the crowd, they are more likely to approach that person and engage with them. Many Businesses are always chasing their client’s interests and focus, and this normally involves redesigning or re-branding to keep their audiences’ attention.
This is the reaction every brand hopes to evoke from its logo: fondness and comfort with a touch of excitement. Every logo must walk the fine line between nostalgia and modernity; you want to remain your lovable self, while staying current.

Many of the largest brands emphasize on their logos regularly, and some of their changes are more drastic than others. Some of history’s biggest Evolution of Re-branding evolution were a step forward for their companies, but others prompted a negative response from customers. Let’s take a look at the best re-branded logo progressions of all time, and see what we can learn from them.