Graphics and digital marketing services for Schools & Colleges  by Abhishek Branding has been designed, development and digital marketing  to help you prepare copy for internal and external communication materials.If you produce a job outside of Marketing Services, you will need to have your copy reviewed by Marketing Services, prior to publication. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure that your finished project communicates clearly and meets the Graphics and digital marketing services for Schools & Colleges editorial standards.

Our services include:

  • Professional editing
  • Writing for your publications
  • Editorial reviews
  • social marketing
  • website development

This manual was designed to assist you in preparing  Colleges & schools materials for publication or distribution. The following graphic standards will help you build the  Colleges & schools image and enhance its reputation.The manual contains specific instructions, guidelines and examples of the approved  school/College logo,typography, colors, stationery and the standards for their use. It also includes guidelines for the College seal and other approved logo types, The proper use of graphic standards as set forth in this manual is integral to the College’s brand, image and reputation.

Graphic Identification Elements

 Logo Design :

 Logo Design service provide the correct color combinations to be used in the logo. Any other color combinations are not acceptable. The official logo may be reversed out of solid-colored backgrounds when printing on white or cream colored papers. To reverse out of a photo or illustration, the area chosen for the reverse should be as dark and solid as possible, avoiding patterns that could make reading difficult.

Website Development  :

 The Web permits many visually captivating special effects, such as animation, pulsing effects and color changes. While these techniques may be used with great appeal and effectiveness for a variety of purpose son College and departmental Webpages, they are not permitted with the College logo.

Graphics and Digital marketing services for Schools & Colleges is identity should appear static, without animation or pulsing, and in the correct color combinations as specified in the Web Applications, Color section of this manual. It is permissible to make the logo clickable enabling website visitors to click on it to get to the  College and school home page. It is also permissible to use the logo with a mouse-over feature. we are provide fully responsive website with seo and digital marketing

College & school  Stationery :

Official stationery includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, message pads and routing slips. Standard stationery is printed.

Business cards:

We provide are printed on 100lb. Cougar smooth paper. The job title, department, address and contact information is set 7 point Helvetica Neue LT Std–Light and the employee’s name is set in 8 point Helvetica Neue LT Std–Bold. The logo, names, titles and phone numbers business cards are printed in unique


it can be printed on 24lb.Environment PC 100 paper The address and contact information is set 8.5 point Helvetica Neue LT Std–Light.

Envelopes :

Envolopes are printed on Environment PC 100 paper The address and contact information is set 8 point Helvetica Neue LT Std–Light.

Standard letterhead

letterhead should be obtained by contacting Publishing Services. To maintain consistency in College correspondence, individual departments should not design their own letterhead. with the Educational Foundation service line should be used only for the Foundation Office logo should be used in place of the College and school logo. Letterhead

Routing slips :

routing slips, the service line name, title, office name, room number, telephone extension and e-mail address should be included. Information such as to and from are included on the designs, although routing slips may be customized. Routing slips are printed in black.

Video marketing :

video and/ or audio recording. The form can be downloaded from the College web site under About Us, Marketing Services. No copyrighted material may be used in the audio, video, music, photography or other imagery.

Video output should be well-lit and should not appear dark on-screen. All shots should be clearly focused and well-framed. Video output should be stable, not shaky. A tripod should be used whenever possible to reduce “camera shake.” All text added to the video must be proofread for accuracy and proper grammar.

Text and titles should be in Helvetica or Arial font. Infographics or animation should be high quality and only used to emphasize the message.  Special effects should add to the message and only used minimally. All fade in/fade outs, effects, transitions and edits should besmooth, not abrupt or choppy.

Official College Social Accounts

Marketing Services and the College News Bureau administer College / school  accounts on various social media sites. This includes monitoring, measurement and reporting.

Department Accounts

Social media, like any relationship, is a commitment that takes both time and effort. However, instead of just tossing you into the deep end and expecting you to swim, Marketing Services would like to give you the opportunity to do some practicing in a “safe” environment and learn the ropes before you head out into open water. By following the three steps outlined in the College and school Social Media Guidelines you’ll be on your way to maximizing all that social media has to offer for your specific needs.

Social Media Guidelines for College and school

  1. Submit content (i.e., posts, events, articles, photos, surveys, etc.) to your Marketing Specialist at least once a week. He/She will ensure that this content is broadcast via established College social media channels and that your voice is heard by the thousands-and, sometimes, tens of thousands-of individuals who already “tune in” on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. This is a great opportunity for you to establish your presence, gain visibility and benefit from the already established communities before branching off on your own.
  2. Sustain this content submission frequency rate for a minimum of 2 months.
  3. After two months, a Marketing Specialist will review your social media activity, what went well, what challenges you faced and whether your commitment to an independent social media presence is still strong or if other options should be explored.

Use social media to your advantage. Give colleges a picture of who you are and use it communicate positively. Make contact with colleges using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Establish relationships with college reps and use it to show interest in the college you are seeking admission.

As more and more colleges turn to social media to get a picture of who the student really is, it makes sense to use it to your advantage. The savvy college bound student knows that what he posts in social media is a direct reflection on his character and his goals and aspirations. He knows that if he wants to paint an accurate picture, his posts should line up with his resume.

If he talks about volunteering in the summer, he knows that he should post pictures on Instagram of that activity. If he discusses his strong commitment to academics, he knows that he shouldn’t tweet about hating school. He respects authority and communicates that in social media. Colleges look favorably on this type of student.