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Yes, Here is the great-grandfather of all advertising media,Print.Print media hasbeen around since businesses began advertising their merchandise andservices. Print media, i.e., coupons, news print, post cards etc., are practically effective today. Consumers are bombarded with every form of print media advertising available. As such, most print media advertising die a quick death in the trash receptacles of consumers. So there you have it. Expensive television advertising, less expensive and less effective radio advertising and finally print media where your hard earned dollars rush to the consumers trash receptacle.

As a leading print media agency

we make it a point to develop and design some of the best print media products for our clients. Our print media services help to increase the company brand identity, increase product sales through effective promotions, strengthen the market presence, and create customer loyalty. We also work extensively with projects requiring print ad designs, advertising designs for newspaper and magazine media. Additionally we can help our clients with their print ads media planning activities as a part of our professional print media services. We offer several affordable packages which make prolonged advertising more affordable

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Reason to believe – The role of Print Design Services :

Specific Target Audience:
In print media, the advantage of catering to specific target audience opens up countless opportunities to enhance sales figures.

Loyal Readerships:
In the print media industry, readership is mostly longstanding and loyal.

Special Ad Positioning:
A major advantage in print media advertising is that an advertiser can request special ad positioning. This means you can ask that your ad is placed in a specific page or within a column article. This will bring greater visibility to the brand. This is also commercially more effective as potential buyers would notice it. It is a different matter if you don’t want to specify where your ad should appear.

Over a period of years, magazines create a vast pool of loyal readers who feel safe in its very credible environment. The interactive element may be less when you compare it with the aggressive online advertising. But the key factor is credibility that print media continues to reign over.

Long Life Span:
Compared to websites or national newspapers, print media enjoy the longest life span.

High Reach Prospective:
Another advantage is that print media have a high reach prospective. This is because magazines get passed from family to friends to customers to colleagues and so on. That is why it is stated often that consistent advertising ensures a cumulative effect. The more familiar buyers are with a brand, the more likely they would buy it. That is why print media advertising will never be out of fashion.

Campaign Description / state of the fact:

Businesses operating in highly competitive markets may find themselves initiating frequent marketing campaigns and devoting significant resources to generating brand awareness and sales. Marketing campaigns can be designed with different ends in mind, including building a brand image, introducing a new product, increasing sales of a product already on the market, or even reducing the impact of negative news

The first step in creating your campaign is choosing the type of campaign you want to create. Abhishek Graphics offers you several types. You can select the type of campaign that you want based on your Campaign’s purpose.

Regular Campaign:
This is the most common type of campaign used by our clients.   A regular campaign is, basically, a one-time email. You would choose this type if you want to send a one-shot campaign.

Auto Responder Campaign:
An Auto-responder campaign allows you to automate your email campaigns.   This campaign type uses the Subscribe Date and Time to automatically send emails.

Text-Only Campaign:
This Campaign type does not include an HTML version of your Campaign.   It is a one-time text-only email. For most cases we suggest sending a regular campaign as that would include both HTML and text versions.

Donation with Purchase:
This is where you set up a promotion that triggers a donation for items specially designated and market. This type of promotion usually has a pre-set timeframe and funding cap.