Social Media marketing is the future of Hotels and Restaurants it can be changing many aspects of restaurant operations, including marketing Promotions, customer relations, and methods of hiring new employees.

The effect of social media-driven changes is that restaurant operators now have a new set of opportunities and also a new set of challenges to go along with their core purposes of providing guests with a meal and an experience that the guest perceives as valuable based on the price paid. Restaurants’ tight cost structure may mean that social media a low-cost marketing tool would be a natural fit for restaurants marketing. This report explores the use of social media in the restaurant industry.Social media marketing requires a different approach than traditional marketing because social media involve interacting directly with a business’s customers. In this regard, listening is just as important as responding or posting. Many restaurants already use social media for a variety of purposes. As just one example, food trucks often rely on social media to broadcast their location and as we said, the comparatively low cost of participating in social media blends well with the restaurant industry’s structure.

The internet has a wealth of information available to managers, allowing them to learn what people are saying about their restaurant and to take advantage of opportunities to redeem service failures and improve performance.Well managed social media sites can create a virtual relationship with existing customers or convince a first-time guest to visit. In addition, a restaurant can manage its online reputation by Actively participating in social media.

The Use of Social Media Marketing 

Given that an analysis of the dozens of social media networks would be impossible, we focused on the four social media networks which are arguably the most popular: Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. The use of these social media tools by respondents is summarized. At this time, Facebook is the most popular social media network, with over 800 million active users. 93 percent of respondents whose restaurants use social media include Facebook as a component of their marketing strategy, consistent with its overall popularity. Different type of service than the other three, and it is particularly useful for restaurateurs because of its users “check-in” and broadcast their location to their network, which means that a “local search” strategy can be applied.

Respondents’ use of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs :




Benefit of Social media marketing

I reside in India that is the center of massive hospitality business and still growing to accommodate more Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Causal dining outfits etc.

Well, I believe it is wise to put my thoughts into writing, to amplify my perspective as considering this great evolution of digital marketing that is taking over our traditional sales and marketing concepts.

It is pertinent to know that advanced technology has a lot to with marketing and sales management in the service Industry. Hotels and Restaurants as a sector have no choice but to embrace this technology if we must survive and move on to the future.

Digital marketing is moving to what we now call ‘digital management’, this is a platform of reform that is connecting us together for better service and management concept. This is where we do things faster, cheaper and more effective.

In the next few years to come, the entire face of marketing will change totally, under the evolution of digital marketing and this is happening now, in most of our corporate establishments.

Hotels and Restaurants Management is going to be affected the most, because of our; Operational Procedures. Accountability, Cost control, Procurement, General Staffing Management, Customers ‘Service and Sales and Marketing etc.

I strongly believe that any hotels that refuse to embrace digital marketing now, will have to re-think if they what to be in the business of serving their customers both now and in the future.