Oil and Gas Engineering Company Branding in Iraq

Project Brief for Fasco LLC Branding:

Fasco LLC is a leading project development and construction company based in Basra, Iraq. Operating in the region since 2004, we have a unique combination of local experience, local knowledge and are equipped with the latest technology and expertise at a time when construction is most in-demand.

The Brand is a diverse services provider of comprehensive, purpose-designed and construction services offered to a range of large scale government, semi-government and private sector clients. We have in-house capabilities and expertise in the areas of engineering design and construction. Our specialisation is in all aspects of Electrical and Instrumentation, Corrosion treatment, Petrochemical Structural, and Mechanical and welding services for the Oil and Gas industry and its related civil works.

Wanted to expand their services in UAE and Jordan, for which needs to do Rebranding.


As the company is quite old and had a good essence among peoples mindset of Iraq. The re-vamping should be done in such a way that people would strike the mind space after hearing the name Fasco; they should get to know what exactly the company does.

Client: Fasco LLC
Project: Logo Design, Packaging, major branding & POP items.
Location: Iraq, Jordan, Dubai
Project Status: Completed


Creating Out of the box design. The company is onto engineering services and procurement for Oil and Natural Gas Industry.

Based on that, we started researching and developing space boards, where we made around 100’s of spaces, out of which the final master design came up.

In Brand Logo development, the concept is of Oil Refineries, as Refineries have long pipelines to transmit petroleum and natural gas; so we created a typography showcasing the pipeline in the name Fasco and created an upward flow with a star. Where an upward flow shows the struggle of the company and a star depicts the achievement.

The Brand Re-vamping will increase the company’s growth and connectivity with people, through the Branding Equipment’s.

Petroleum Engineering Company Branding Portfolio

Oil and Gas Engineering Company Pencille Sketch Logo
Oil and Gas engineering company logo design brief for Fasco
Oil and gas logos, Petroleum Engineering Logo, Oil Company Brand Design, Oil and Gas Engineering Services
Outdoor Hording board design for oil and gas company,
Petroleum Engineering Office Waiting room Wall Graphics design
oil and gas engineering company outdoor poster design
Oil and gas company Meeting room wall graphics design in iraq
Outdoor Pole Advertising Design for oil and gas engineering company
Customized Corporate Gifts for oil and gas engineering company
Bag and Shirt Badge for petroleum engineering company
Business card design for oil and gas company
Mug design for petroleum engineering company
Staff Hat Design for petroleum engineering company
Tea and coffee Coster for oil and gas engineering company

We Work for Fasco LLC :

  • Creative Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Office Wall Graphics Design
  • Outdoor Advertising

Skills Needed

Brand Consultation 100%
Project Planning 95%
Strategy 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Branding 95%
Brand Distribution 90%