Pharma Branding Agency India has its own reasons for taking a similar approach. The first is historical. The pharmaceutical industry has always been driven by products and product promotion.It never occurred to the scientists who built the big companies that developed and sold the products that there was any value in the company name or reputation. This view was reinforced by the idea that the doctors. who in the days before Direct-to-Consumer advertising were the only target audience for drug sales and promotion were only interested in the drugs, not in the companies that made them.

Pharmaceutical companies have operated in near-anonymity unless a major recall or other product liability crisis has dragged their names into the news. What’s most surprising is that the industry seems to prefer it that way.

While most of these brands are painkillers, vitamins and cough syrups, even drugs to treat diabetes and those treating gynecology problems figure among the vintage brands.

Pharma Branding Agency in India, Their marketing, and communications campaigns focus almost entirely on the drugs they make, rather than on the mission of those who make them. It’s a model that has worked well for the Proctor & Gambles of the world. With so many different offerings ranging across so many different categories, it makes sense for these giants of the consumer product marketplace to ensure that the names Tide, Pringles, and Charmin ring out louder than the larger umbrella brand under which they reside.